Motion Design & Art Direction for Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft has been making quite a buzz lately with the release of the new icons for Office 365. Now they are back alongside with the folks from Tendril, a creative studio based in Toronto, Canada. They created a film for the Microsoft Ignite Conference that showcased the new Office 365 Suite on different and interesting aspects.

Industrial Design: Xbox Adaptive Controller for gamers with disabilities

Earlier this week, we have shared the awesome new product by Microsoft with the Hub 2. Today, they introduced another product but more specifically for gamers with disabilities which is makes it even more inspiring with great admiration for them to go down with this initiative. I would be highly intrigued to give it a try myself. You just gotta love it when brands cares of accessibility for everyone and props to everyone from Microsoft who have worked on this project.

Cool Tech: Microsoft's Surface Hub 2, the future of teamwork space

Let's just say that Microsoft is innovating, it's a bold statement but they are at the "Avant Garde" with launching really interesting products that can possibly the way we work. It's quite impressive to be honest, I wish their native apps would have better integration to Mac for example. Oh well! They are introducing today the Microsoft's Surface Hub 2.

Microsoft Introducing Fluent Design System

Microsoft has been introducing a newly ecosystem that is bold, scalable and universal. They called it: Fluent Design System, with the rise of our digital world; they quickly understood its innovative growth by creating new guidelines for the UI, creating with a community, creating Windows to the newer level, creating an atmosphere, creating layered environment and on. I can't wait to see what they have up their sleeves because it's definitely catching our attention as for Windows Operating System.

Designing the XBOX One S

The last time we've featured Andrew Kim was back in 2011 with some pretty Innovative Minimal Concepts that took our blog with lots of surprises with inspiring and creative ideas that was so well-executed.

Microsoft launches Photosynth

Microsoft labs (their counterpart to Google labs I guess) has created a new online application called Photosynth that takes regular digital photos and creates a 360 view. It's similar to Quicktime VR except you don't need any special equipment or even have to stand in the same location. Click here to go straight to the Photosynth home page.

Microsoft Office: mac 2008

It looks like mac. It sounds like mac. It feels like mac. It would probably even taste and smell like mac, but wow, it's microsoft. Well... is it? Microsoft Office for Mac has a new and sweet site on, it has a awesome and clean design, with some cool drawings, made on flash. And now I ask you, is it a Mac application with a Microsoft name, or is it a Microsoft dude wearing a Mac costume? Anyway, check the site out here!

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