Banana Split LEGO Star Wars by Pé Grande Animation

A little bit of a fun project to share by Pé Grande Animation' from Porte Alegre, Brazil. Imagine a 'Lego inspired Star Wars' animation video showcasing a battle in the middle of a 'banana split party'? Yeah that's right, make sure to check it out in full on Behance. The goal was simple with this episode, maintain that feeling we all had to watch the Star Wars movies, but with LEGO aesthetics.

Sheppard's Kaleidoscope Eyes Album Design — Set Design

Yes, you read that right, it's a set design not CGI! Ars Thanea has shared the album design they have worked on for the release of Sheppard's Kaleidoscope Eyes. At the very first glance, you would think that is a CGI/3D art piece but it's not. The level of production and set design is so high standard that you wondered why they took this route but again this is 'Ars Thanea'. I consider this incredible team, the true pioneers of the modern 3D era.

Art Direction & Set Design for Korean Air Campaign: Go Korean

Let's mix things up a little with this feature as we are taking a look at the Art Direction and Set Design for Korean Air campaign: Go Korean. The agency behind this client is Ogilvy Shanghai but we are admiring instead the work of the production team which was L'Éloi Productions. A talent agency and production house located in my hometown in Montreal, QC, Canada for which I had the opportunity to visit. For their work on this campaign, as you can judge by the behind-the-scenes.

Production Design & Advertising for Glico “Dororich” Campaign

We are sharing another production design project this week and it's an advertising campaign for Ezaki Glico Company in collaboration with NAM and the advertising agency DENTSU. What's cool about this project is the fact there is no use of CGI, everything is built from scratch. I love how people would go out of their ways to create what could have been done with a few hours with a computer. Props to everyone involved in this project, the result is just as lovely.

Captain America: Civil War Production Artwork

As Summer is well established with the  Summer Blockbusters. What was your favorite movie so far? I pretty enjoyed Captain America: Civil War, the best movie (in my opinion) from Marvel so far. We would like to share the work from Maciej Kuciara on his production artwork for the movie.

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