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Visual Design Inspiration: Design System

As of late, I have been building my second 'design system' at my workplace. It's funny how much things go smoother, faster, and what I have learned on my first visual system months ago are now applied. For this inspiration, I wanted to share what inspired me during this process in terms of 'visual design', what inspired me in terms of typography style, layouts, colors, and presentations applied to their component libraries. Essentially how their 'design system' is presented, I believe we all follow somehow a similar standard in terms of UI components and how we build our pattern libraries.

Is this really coming back? UI Design Trends

We posted about this new trend a month or so ago, however it seems that it’s really picking up steam on sites like Dribbble. With more and more people sharing snippets of working exploring this style it makes me wonder, is the skeuomorphism or as we call it now, the neo-skeuomorphism coming back? Below I select some entries to illustrate the trend but the biggest question for me is not only if it’s coming back but how easy it’s to translate the designs to the adaptive reality we have today. The original skeuomorphism exploded with the iPhone and it was a fairly fixed screen size.

Branding and Visual Identity of La Diplomate

La Diplomate celebrates tea offers 60+ teas from all over the world. Rice Creative, a design agency from Vietnam, created the visual identity, and packaging solutions for the gorgeous 18th century storefront which sits on a quaint pedestrian lane in the center of Bordeaux, France, a newly labeled UNESCO World Heritage site. 

It's a Very Rounded World - UI and Visual Design Thoughts

A few weeks ago, or I’d say months, I shared a collection of designs that used a quite common pattern, very rounded corners. I went a bit further and said that those images represented what I called a new design trend for 2019. So why are you coming back with this, you might ask. Well, I would love to share two things, first a few more examples to illustrate my statement and second to put some thoughts out there. How does that sound?

Visual Design Spotlight: Maxim Nilov

Maxim Nilov is a designer from Moscow, Russia and he has been sharing some incredibly beautiful web design mocks. His portfolio is full of great visual design references. I know most of them are concepts and won't go through the tough stress test of getting into production, however we can definitely get inspired by the ideas, the composition and layout or the typography; and that could try to be applied to our real products. Sometimes when we are building something we get very attached to the process, and forget a bit of the ideation.

Visual Design Inspiration for your Monday Morning

Monday is always the perfect day to spend some time to collect some visual design inspiration and set some goals for the week. With that in mind, there's nothing better than getting tons of references. In the past, I used to go through books and magazines, but with the web now things are way easier. So for this post, I would like to share some of the UI design inspiration I have been collecting during the weekend for the upcoming redesign of Abduzeedo, which I will have more to share very soon. 

New Trend in Visual Design and Motion Design for the Web?

I love browsing through sites like Behance and Dribbble for visual design inspiration. It's amazing to see how much the field has evolved. We can see highly editorial designs that look more and more like beautiful magazine pages. I know that most of these designs are just static mocks beautifully animated, but the important thing is that with today's technology there are many ways to translate all of these well-crafted visual design work to real products. Apple has shown us that, then other follows like Google, Microsoft and many others.

Web Design and Visual Design for Nokia OZO

Nokia OZO is a web design, interaction design and UI/UX project shared by Viktor Vörös on his Behance profile. OZO is a virtual reality camera, the first of its kind and of course it looks extremely futuristic and the work that Viktor did an excellent job showcasing it on a beautifully simple and elegant web site. The cool thing about his design is that the camera is always on the first plane and everything looks secondary in a way.

Huh! Branding

Huu! branding project for a magazine and blog inspired by the mexican singer and songwriter Natalia Lafourcade. It was designed by Jonathan Mont, a designer from Tampico, Mexico. The project features a simple but bold typography. The design she came up for the blog is quite good in my opinion. I love how editorial it looks. It feels like a magazine, instead of just a plain web site. It also matches the magazine design quite well, or it just a beautiful translation from the magazine to the web. 

Visual and Motion Design Work of Ben Mingo

Ben Mingo is a visual designer currently working at UENO and he has a beautiful portfolio full of motion design work as well. Most of his projects are motion vignettes which gives us a great idea of how things should work. Smooth transitions combined with killer visuals is always a recipe for success. I selected a few of his works to share here with you today and inspire you to start prototyping your work. Some of the projects I selected illustrate scrolling events, transition from list view to details view and of course beautiful visual and motion design.

Starbucks Experience - Visual Design

Starbucks is an amazing brand to work on, that's what Side B mentioned on their project titled Starbucks Experience. They explore desktop and mobile designs to created a beautiful user experience for when you get a coffee in the morning, as quickly as possible and also based on weather suggestions. It's a simple UI/UX project more focus on visual design based on the information from the project.

Dyne Branding

Some projects have a more editorial style while others have more influence from different styles. When I saw the work that Carlos Roberto González and Carlos Dordelly did for their studio I saw a bit of the 80s with the vibrant color palette and abstract look. Anyways, I might be completely wrong but this project definitely deserves a feature here on ABDZ.

Adrian Iorga Branding

Adrian Iorga is an independent graphic designer currently working from Bucharest and collaborating with people and companies from all around the globe. He created a beautiful personal brand work and shared a bit of the behind the scenes and a bunch of examples of applications of the new visual identity.

Family Distillers Packaging and Branding

There's never enough posts about branding, especially when there's packaging design involved. Hired Guns Creative was hired by the Family Distillers to help them bring their product to the market. We are talking about moonshine. By reading about the project and the history behind I can't even imagine how much fun they had during the design process.

Elegant UI work by Samson Vowles

Samson Vowles is a visual and interaction designer from Munich, Germany. He has been posting some really cool work on his Dribbble profile, especially the latest series of screens for a weather app which blends simplicity with elegant motion design. We selected a couple of images from his portfolio to share with you here today. Samson is currently working as a Lead UI Designer at Allianz Digital Accelerator. for more information make sure to check out this work at

Rock You - Web Design

We talked and posted a lot of visual design references that we believe are the new trends for 2016. The Abduzeedo blog is a good example with some of the styles for typography, especially vertical orientation texts on the sides, a lot of white space and a non-uniform grid. Of course we are just a blog with a lot of constraints, including technical. That's the reason we posted about sites, magazines and books we used for reference. The project we share today wasn't used for reference but it could definitely be.

Inn at Aspen Branding

Ashley Parker shared a beautiful project on her Behance profile -- a branding & Collateral concept for the Inn at Aspen. She worked in collaboration with StellaBean NY and the result is an elegant design. I particularly love the business cards, super simple and the classic combination of serif and san-serif fonts always work really well. Another very cool element is the pattern that is carried over across the collaterals.

Star Wars Episode VII Tumblr Site

I have been following the evolution of web design pretty closely over the last year always taking notes, bookmarking and looking for inspiration. It's crazy to think that a lot of sites became what Flash sites were in 2005. Many sites unfortunately rife with loading screens and animations that seem superfluous. However, there are things that really got better. Typography is much better and we're seeing sites with decently executed designs that resemble magazine layouts.

MyWallet UI Design

Designing mobile applications require a profound understanding of the problem, the audience and the goals of your product. It's a task that involves UX designers, researchers and pretty much everybody that uses that problem. Of course, there's a very important factor that is the trial and error. Assumptions should be tested in my opinion through rapid prototyping. That is a subject for another post though, for this one I just wanted to share a quite beautiful visual design work created by Karol Cichoń for the MyWallet app.

Official Showcase Website for Adobe

Serge Vasil shared a super cool project on his Behance profile, it was a responsive website project he did for Adobe and the best thing about it is that you can download the PSD for some Reverse engineering. There are so many things to like about the visual design, the grid, the typography and I also really like the tablet version. Take a look after the break and I hope that inspires you on this Superbowl Sunday.

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