Thoughtful Illustrations by Audrey Prokopenko

Some artworks are very straight-forward, it tells you the story behind them the second you looked at them. Some you'll need to think harder about its meaning. Some that will make you love or hate and then love or maybe hate again. Art isn't set into one vision for one's perspective, it reflects the emotion you had right in the moment.

This series of illustrations is what I am featuring right now, feels like taking a glimpse through the window that looks over the world and feels untouchable and yet so close, but life is still going on. Greens are blooming, animals are invading nature and this leads me to my memories.

Let me introduce you to Andrey Prokopenko, a designer and illustrator from Ukraine. She first started drawing in her childhood, it grew into a passion. She's been engaged in professional design for more than 10 years. Pixel perfect art is her breath. It's something between addiction and necessity. No matter what it should be - logos, small icons, or complex web design, it's her opportunity to do something outstanding. And she had never missed a chance. Freelancing at creating illustrations is currently Audrey's full-time work.


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