Wild Tattoo Society visual identity

ODUPLO STUDIO shared a branding and visual identity work for the Wild Tattoo Society®, a tattoo studio located in Panama City, Panama, formed by Selene Erazo, Alicia Olayvar and Michelle Arrue, three intense and passionate tattooists who come together in search of creating a movement of change in the market, a movement that escapes the conventional and become a reference.

The proposal is to promote positive and confident communication, which aggregates and makes the brand become a symbol of the flags it carries, we can convey this message through graphic pieces, creating a community through aesthetic and affirmative words that reflect the soul of the brand.

The logo needed to be intense, provocative, bold and still convey sophistication and originality. 

Pointed endings convey boldness,wildness, dangerousness, the ending of the W seeks to represent the claws of a beast, animalistic and ready to attack and the straight shape seeks to give sophistication and seriousness to the project, reflecting another side of the brand.


  • Wild Tattoo Society®
  • Panama City, Panama
  • 2022
  • Art Direction: ODUPLO STUDIO

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