Branding and Visual Identity for Huerta

Morocho Estudio was commissioned to redesign the visual identity and branding of Huerta. They explored the "new space" concept,. But at the same time combing decisions learned from architecture and interior design, carried out by Flora Estudio. Some of the principles behind this project were rhythms, modules, repetitions, opening and geometry. 

Huerta is a co-working space located in the heart of the Audiovisual District of the City of Buenos Aires, an area where different talents and experiences intersect that generate an atmosphere of creativity and inspiration ideal for professions and companies.

Our goal was to generate a visual identity with personality and personality, which coexists in a minimalist environment, with noble materials and vegetation.

Branding and Visual Identity


Arquitectura: Flora Estudio

Registro: Tomás Pérez Amenta

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