Celebrating Diversity and Fluidity for IZZE Sparkling Juice Campaign

A couple of weeks ago, we have seen the buzzing news of Jessica Walsh stunning our industry by introducing her new studio &Walsh. She has been rocking our design industry for decades and it's really inspiring seeing her progress along the years and what it means for the next-gen. Speaking of Gen, we are featuring a campaign she was part of as 'art direction' for IZZE Sparkling Juice. A campaign celebrating Diversity and Fluidity through vibrant colors and signature-style for the visual language, brand identity and ad campaign.

We visualized this concept with fluid gradients that always shift and change through dynamic animation. We also used these fluid multi-color gradients as the lighting technique for all the photoshoots. The campaign images celebrate diversity and fluidity by showcasing people who are confident with their unique flair.

Art Direction & Branding

About Jessica Walsh

She is a creative director at &Walsh, a creative agency based in New York specializing in brand strategy, art direction, design and production across all platforms.


  • Agency/Studio: Sagmeister & Walsh 2017 Creative
  • Art Direction: Jessica Walsh
  • Lead Design: Felipe Rocha
  • Design: Shy Inbar, Chen Yu, Gabriela Namie, Angela Iannarelli, Yotam Hadar, Hee Jae Kim, James , Daniel Forero, Jessica Pettway, Valentin Breyne, Harry Butt
  • Production: Group Theory, Erica Grubman, Molly Bunk

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