Cinobo — branding and app design

Cinobo is a new movie streaming-on-demand platform, specializing in independent and alternative cinema. They strongly support the concept of personal suggestions and curation, which is why their service does not make use of any algorithm.

In the world of app design, branding is essential to success. Your brand identity should not only convey your company's values and mission, but also stand out from the competition. Miltos Bottis, a design agency specializing in film and media, has developed a brand identity that is both independent and convention-breaking. This identity is heavily based on a bespoke typeface called Cinobo Display.

Setting the stage for Greece’s largest independent movie streaming platform.

Cinobo Display is a custom typeface that perfectly captures the attitude and alternative character of Miltos Bottis' platform, Cinema No Borders. Inspired by the rigid geometry of old movie theater signs, the typeface consists of only uppercase letters and covers the latin and greek alphabets across two weights, regular and outline. When paired with Noi Grotesk and countless movie frames or footage from their catalog, Cinobo Display highlights many different types of content.

But the branding doesn't stop there. Miltos Bottis also incorporates a subtle nod to the full meaning of their name with a rogue O in the logotype and a sharp motion around the main typographic elements. This not only adds a unique touch to the brand identity, but also further expresses the attitude and character of the platform and its collection.

In conclusion, Miltos Bottis has developed a brand identity that perfectly captures the independent and convention-breaking character of their platform, Cinema No Borders. With a custom typeface like Cinobo Display, paired with Noi Grotesk and movie frames or footage from their catalog, Miltos Bottis has created a brand that is instantly recognizable and unforgettable. By taking risks and thinking outside the box, they have set themselves apart in the crowded world of app design and branding.

For more information and to check out the full case study visit Studio Miltos Bottis’ website.

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