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ART - Augmented Reality Art App Design

Art is a collection of world art recreated in augmented reality. This amazing app design project was shared by Vadim Tyurin on Behance and besides being plain awesome, it was actually built. The design is fully executed and you can download it for both Android and iOS.

Interaction Design: Ninety Nine Seconds Game Prototype

This is a game prototype that I would love to share on ABDZ, it's a prototype (soon-to-be-released) designed by Sylvain Theyssens, Anthony Meric and Oleg Pashkovsky. First, the game is all about timing as I quote: "You are given only ninety nine seconds to succeed. The more you play, the fastest you become, and further you can go". Interesting concept right? Now let's take a closer look at the interactions, they are quite subtle especially on the UI but it gets quite creative with the game itself. It will be interesting to give it a try when it will become available.

Playful App Design for Bonarego Tourist Guide

Cuneyt Sen shared a really cool project on Behance for an app design presentation as well as brand identity for Bonarego, a tourist guide application with video & audio targeting today's independent travelers. The reason I like this project is of course interface design but also the way it is shows the features. From the UI point of view there are a few nice touches. I love the organic element it was created and how it is used on certain elements of the UI, like the avatar for example.

Sleek and Minimalist App Design Concept for Shoeciety

Shoeciety is an app design concept project created and shared by Juan C. Fresno. As you might already know, I am a fan of personal projects. The fact that you take some time from your busy schedule is always something to be celebrated. If someone asked me for an advice, which I am sure no one would be that naive to do so, I would say, try to find time for personal projects. You can practice everything you want and in the end, I guarantee you that you will be better off than when you started. Look at this project that Juan shared.

Playstation Minimalist App Design Concept

Minimalist app design seems to be more than a trend but a expected evolution for interface design. Before people were not familiar with these new touch devices, it was important to make sure things had a connection with the real things, therefore the hyper-realistic design full of shadows, depth, texture and colors. I am not saying that it's not important to highlight what is tappable or not and trust me, I am very familiar with the subject. But the more used people get with the devices the basic interface starts to take the passenger seat and let the content drive the user attentions.

Brand Identity & UI/UX: Behance Studio Desktop App Concept

We would like to share this brand identity that involves also UI/UX for a desktop app concept based on the very popular design platform to showcase and discover creative work. Introducing the Behance Studio by Moe Slah. It's a take on the desktop user experience from creating your project and uploading it all to Behance. It's a pretty simple flow but one thing I had in mind is how the sync will work compared to what's already online. Can you still surf on Behance?! What do you guys think, let's dive in first.

Interaction Design & UI/UX: Cashtree App

We are taking a closer look at the Cashtree App from an interaction design & UI/UX perspective. There is also brand identity involved but let's put that aside on this one. What is Cashtree? With the word: Cash in the app name, you just can't avoid thinking that is related to money. Which is correct since it's an Earn and Redeem Rewards platform aiming users specifically located in Indonesia. It's an interesting approach vs business model since it's based with Pulsa which is prepaid credit for smartphones over there. Give it a look!

Mobile Application & UI/UX: Tooway App

I am always interested in what people come up with mobile applications. Having the knowledge of creating an app is one but having that special idea that will bring it to t a whole level is two. Let's take apart the conceptual mobile app by Hyemin Yoo and Taehee Kim who created what they called: Tooway App. Overall, I think the design looks great, the small details are quite effective and make me appreciate it even more.

Website and App Design: Mileage Tracker

An app design that combines a user-friendly interface and at the same time giving a smooth experience sounds about right. If you know how this kind of apps are usually is boring with infinite dropdown scrolling on mobile. Meanwhile with this Mileage Tracker that can easily track your mileage and also providing an easy and minimal approach to simply put it on top. Last thing is the micro-interactions for the app for the "drives report" is kind of clean and intuitive with the swiping.

App Design and UX: Onstreet Community Concept

We are checking out this app design concept that involves UX and motion for a community called: Onstreet. Designed by Seoul-based designer Jaejin Bong, it's an app based on a mixture of photo app and a shopping experience. So basically you're sharing your daily look and you can tag the items that you are wearing so others can collect that information to buy them. It's an elaborate take on mobile shopping and I think that the idea is quite unique.

Interaction Design: Behance Desktop App Concept

As a designer, I am a frequent user of Behance. It’s a beautiful platform that featured some of the best artists, designers and illustrators out there. One thing that annoys me though is the design hasn’t changed much in the last few years. For example, those gradient buttons are hitting me hard! Let’s take a look at the work of Nora Park who decided to take the platform for an overhaul concept. Overall, I really enjoyed her interaction design and direction for Behance, too not keen on the interactions but in the “ensemble”; it’s a lovely concept!

App Design: inMuseum Experience App

This Weekend, I was able to enjoy a free admission at the MBAM (Musée des Beaux Arts de Montréal) and go through its art exhibits filled with beautiful pieces. During my walk, I thought about my own experience and how we can enhance it especially knowing with the possibilities of technology nowadays. We are featuring a project with Ekrem Ates and Muzaffer Akay and their inMuseum App. What I adore the most about this project is not the UI but the part where they show the phase beyond the structure of the experience.

Tiqit App Design

Tiqit is an app design concept that brings gamefication to one of the most mundane activities when driving, using turning signals. The idea is simple, every time you use your turn signal you gain a point. The end goal of course is to make us more responsible drivers. I like the idea and I also like the design process behind, that's why we are sharing it here on Abduzeedo. This project was created by Álvaro Fernández, a Senior Visual, UX and Motion designer from Madrid, Spain. For more information checked out his Behance profile.

Symbiosis App

Summer is here, it's also the end of school for a lot of people. It's happening almost at the same time as we see more school projects popping up in our feed. One project caught our eyes and it involves art direction, UX/UI and illustration by a small team of four students located in Paris, France. Let's take a closer look at this lovely work but not from a technical perspective but on its charming concept and full of creativity. This is how it starts, fresh ideas into the World.

UI Inspiration: RIGHTIME App

Productivity is everything. That one thing that will get through the day without having to finish your work late OR for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Related to that, we have also have emails. Have you ever been in the situation where you sent an email to your client, potential client or even somebody important and you are eagerly waiting for an answer back from them? We are showcasing the UI work from Zhenya Rynzhuk and Artem Golubtsov about the RIGHTIME app.

UI Inspiration: 09 Alarm Clock

We've talked before about side-projects but we haven't dig up the subject well enough in-depth. Finding the free time to work on a personal or client projects are part of a designer's great journey. Part of the projects, the idea of introducing a concept is a great challenge. Many factors have to be encountered and yet it's not always about the UI. This is why I'd liked to share this Alarm Clock Concept from Zero/Nine. I just liked how playful they made their UX flow, especially on a boring task like setting your alarm. Hope you will enjoy!

Bouldering with an Augmented Reality

We've spoken on this blog before about designers trying to crack the mysteries of our daily life by changing our habits with technology. There's many assets to perfect a product for launch or even if it's a concept. There's many many obstacles to tackle and problems to solve. As you may be aware of it or not, part of being a designer is also a problem solver.

D-D Play - App Design

If you think about it, there might be an app for that. It's crazy to think that it hasn't been 10 years since mobile apps really took off and today they are part of our digital lives. With a plethora of apps it's hard to differentiate yours from the rest, but sometimes neat illustrations and good design can help. D-D Play is an app that mixes low poly 3D illustrations with a modern UI to offer info about the weather.

Nike Tech Pack In-Store App UI/UX by Shakir Dzheyranov

Shakir Dzheyranov is a Creative Director over Spinifex Group based in Los Angeles, USA. He worked with Nike on creating an in-store experience to enhance the user on Nike's unparalleled access to the season’s best. Love the simple interaction combining with strong imagery, totally beautiful. All Rights to Shakir Dzheyranov

A Resource Library for App Design from Facebook

If you're a designer or developer looking for Facebook resources and templates, now you have an official place to find out this things. Facebook has released a library to help us with a lot of stuffs, such as GUI's, devices, articles and much more.

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