Config 2020 - What's new coming to Figma

Our friends over Figma have recently wrapped their first conference titled: 'Config' that happened in San Francisco, California. With more than 1000 attendees, they announced several key products shall we say enhancements to help us designers work faster, enable product teams to collaborate as one team, and give the entire design community more ways to share. We took the liberty to share some of these new features, some are actually very coo. Shall we?

In their words

Auto Layout is getting smarter

Since releasing our first version of Auto Layout just a couple months ago, we’ve been hard at work making it even more powerful. Driven by user feedback, Auto Layout can now be used to make responsive components which stretch to fill their containers, in addition to buttons which resize with their text and lists which can be easily rearranged. This is especially helpful when creating designs across multiple device types.

1000+ pre-installed fonts

You can upload any custom fonts to use and share. While lots of options are great, scrolling through an endless list of fonts is not. The redesigned Font Picker now surfaces the fonts you use most—your organization’s shared fonts and your favorites—and allows you to quickly search through the rest. It also highlights all the fonts used in your file so you can ensure consistency across your designs.

Smart Selection Colors

Sometimes, you need to change the color of fills, strokes, and text independently. Other times, you just want them to be the same color. Selection Colors enables you to batch update colors across fills, strokes, and text in a click.

New ways to collaborate as one product team

To never lose context, you can now hyperlink any text to any page on the Web, any page within a file, or any frame in the Editor. For example, you may want to link to external resources, like a product requirements doc, or link to specific pages or frames to create a clickable table of contents that helps collaborators navigate your file.

Sharing your design work is key to communicating your ideas and getting buy-in, so we’ll continue to advance sharing capabilities. We’ve added a new sharing permission that lets you share a prototype without sharing the underlying design file, coming soon to the Figma Professional and Organization plans.

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