Fantastic Digital Art by Dmitry Zaviyalov

Digital art can take you anywhere, it is just about let your imagination run free. Dmitry Zaviyalov shared this incredible illustration on his Behance profile that really accomplishes that. It features a village and it has this eerie mood. It reminds me of Zelda Breath of the Wild game to be hones, and that had become my favorite game of the year and probably ever. I was so amazed by the details and the style that I had to feature Dmitry's illustration here. 

Decided to spend a few days of my hard-earned holiday time to remind myself how much fun it can be to work on something personal. And it is fun! Hope the result is no to shabby either. 

Dmitry is an illustrator from Tallinn, Estonia. I highly recommend that you check out his work at - he was also kind enough to offer a step-by-step showing how he did this piece. You can check it out here.

Digital art


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