Shantell Martin x The Oculus - Are you YOU

Shantell Martin is an artist based in New York, NY, USA; she recently shared a project where she collaborate with the Oculus. Even though this project has been produced last year, I think with the moments we are currently living. This is the appropriate time to do so. Commissioned by the 'Art Production Fund', they asked Shantell to create a piece that would be shown on the World Trade Center's 21 screens and one there was measuring up to four stories tall and another 280 feet long. I really love the messages shared for this piece: 'Are you being You? Are You being true? Who are You? Are you You?'. There are such a profound meaning through very common words, it makes you question about its meaning and it's exactly what it is its purpose.


Taking over 21 large scale screens throughout The Oculus, World Trade Center.

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