6–7 is 6ourbon 7ime

In a world where we’re all working from home, how do we know when work ends and life starts? Beam Suntory, the world’s largest bourbon maker, saw a new role for its brands in this reality. A movement to set the boundaries again and make 6-7pm sacred.

Created by  Leo Burnett Chicago, 6ourbon7ime.com is an invitation to reclaim that hour at the end of the day, to set aside a space to sit back and savor a moment for themselves. Building around that evening ritual, the campaign look and feel uses numerous cues (logo, photography, colors, etc) to remind you that 6:00 means it’s time to close your laptop, kick back and slow down.

To offset traditionally loud and in your face Bourbon creative, 6ourbon 7ime creates calming visuals that conjure “magic hour” light and thoughts of open evenings. Swapping out the B and T for a 6 and 7 in the logotype, and showcasing a sundial imagery always positioned from 6–7. A bourbon-inspired color palette and custom hand-stamped type, lockup and tag elements work together to bring forth the comfort and texture of true craft. Pairing richly saturated silhouette imagery with clean textual spaces sets it apart from other bourbon campaigns and evokes the luxury of self-care.

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