AIRPORTS - an Aerial Photo Book

We would like to share another photo book titled 'Airports' by the mighty Tom Hegen who is an aerial photographer based in Munich, Germany. We have featured his work many times on abdz, I think why his work is quite unique for two things. One, I do enjoy the fact that Tom actually takes 'aerial photography' from an actual helicopter ride, not just a 'drone shot'. It makes it even more challenging somehow. Two, the subjects that drive Tom's motivation are different from what we usually see on our social feeds. Following this never-ending pandemic, Tom has released this incredible photo book about 'AIRPORTS'. It's a 176 pages photo book with 100 photographs, make sure to check his full project on Kickstarter.

AIRPORTS is an aerial photo project by Tom Hegen. During the lockdown time in March, April and May, I took photographs of the largest German Airports and their resting runways. It was a historic moment and a unique opportunity to get these images. The book will be published in a high-quality clothbound hardcover book by renowned German publisher Hatje Cantz.



Image courtesy by Tom Hegen

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