Neo-noir & Cyberpunk Photography

Dale Anne Scogings is a photographer and creative director based in South Africa. We are sharing her photography inspired by the off-world of Cyberpunk and neo-noir culture that we dearly love on abdz. Dale does an excellent job to capture moments from the streets of Japan, a country where she spent a couple of years living and also through her traveling across Asia. I have discovered her work when we published the article on November 2019 - a tribute to Blade Runner and have been following her since. Her photography is definitely giving you an uplifting feel, you should give her a follow on Instagram. Is Cyberpunk making a comeback? One thing for sure is that being a kid from the 80s, it's always that one thing that always thrives me to stay inspired.


Cyberpunk Photography

Follow Dale Anne on Instagram - @daleannescogings

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