Branding identity for Eiuchre — Time To Feel

Eiuchre (/yʊˈkrɛ/) is an independent watch brand from Shenzhen, China, that designs and manufactures stylish, quality timepieces for young consumers in the Asian market, inviting them to express their true feelings and be authentic. 

The company invited fagerström to develop its new brand identity and packaging design for its first watch collection that was introduced to the market by the end of 2022. 

The new identity revolves around the concept of empathy to invite consumers to discover the positive aspect of all our emotions, even those that are apparently negative, since something valuable can always be learned in order to manage them properly and grow as individuals. 

The logo is a wordmark in which the letter 'i' for Eiuchre has been replaced by an exclamation mark, which is commonly used in writing to express strong feelings, but which at the same time represents the hour hand of a watch. 

The packaging stands out for its minimalist design and for presenting a watch dial made with holographic foil stamping, which reflects different shades of color depending on the intensity of the light and the angle at which it hits the box, evoking the idea that each emotion is associated with a certain color.

Through its Empathy Collection, the brand wants to remind young people in Asia that although this predominantly digital space we live in constantly paralyzes our nerves, we are human beings and emotions keep us alive.

For more information make sure to check out fagerström’s website.

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