Pure Sense Packaging Design— A Social Project for the Senses

In doing a little research for an upcoming product launch (more on that later!) I discovered a moving project within the world of fragrance called Pure Sense. Pure Sense, founded by Ekaterina Zinchenko, is a unique, niche perfume brand in that the fragrances created for it are made by blind people.

Thus, each blind participant in Pure Sense project chose a state that, in their opinion, is lacking in a modern person. The result is three fragrances - Freedom, Inspiration and Serenity.

Being a very subtle social project, Zinchenko wanted to draw attention not to the lack of sight, but to the beauty of other feelings. The end result, a project that is not only visually stunning, but also tactilely — the rounded shape of the bottle, the lid with a special coating, the sound, and the feeling when you open up the mail package with perforation, paper, and, of course, Braille.

The idea is simple: in our world, there are people who, due to the limitation of visual perception, have enhanced olfactory sense. But what if we give blind people an opportunity to study the art of perfumery professionally so that they can express their perception of the world and convey it through fragrances? - Ekaterina Zinchenko

The subjects of the project told us that they see not absolute darkness, but colored spots. This reality heavily inspired the visual identity and color scheme for each fragrance that represents each of the three states.

You can learn more about Pure Sense and Ekaterina's team of talented creatives here


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