Joli — redesign of iconic brand in the Belgian design world

At Joli they’ve been designing timeless tables and the objects and furniture that belong around those tables for 25 years. Joli is an iconic brand in the Belgian design world. They realized, in order to maintain that position for the next 25 years, it was time for an evolution.

Skinn™ Branding Agency were given the opportunity to work with the brand. To make it even more clear that thanks to the emphasis on quality and sustainable choices, they create more than design objects: a Joli table is a place where you make lifelong memories.

The result is a complete future proof rebranding and digital transformation. So, please. Come to the table.


We opted for a rebranding in which the table is the hero of the story, but the brand story itself is a completely new and distinctive one. We created a fresh, contemporary logo, advised Joli to reduce its large number of collections to four and developed a clear brand experience that retailers can use.

Lasting memories… With an extensive photo and video shoot we were able to make the brand memorable in a tasteful way. We linked the products to a human emotion and gave a face to the lifestyle that the brand represents. A synergy between person and product that conveys the idea of savoring the moment and a sustainable way of life.

Brand identity

Joli’s visual identity is based on the elementary shape of the tables. The soft, flowing outlines are reflected in the logo and magnified into windows and shapes in which videos and photos can be used.

‘Lasting memories’ also means that you can enjoy your Joli table for a long time. Joli attaches great importance to sustainability, so a Joli will last a lifetime. Hence the striking baseline.

For more information make sure to check out the Skinn™ Branding Agency case study.

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