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Times they are a-changin wrote Bob Dylan in the 60s. Every decade has its ups and downs, but the 2020’s started with a big low. If you’re anything like me right now, you’re experiencing heightened stress levels, less than quality sleep and an over-indulgence in things like caffeine and alcohol. While I’m less than proud to admit this fact I’m also happy to say I have been inspired! Inspired by all the beautiful wine and spirit labels that I’ve been enjoying thanks to Jessica Lasky Catering.

Jessica runs a boutique catering business here in Oakland and with the pandemic, she’s creatively shifted her model to offer wine for purchase, delivering happiness to the local community. A classically trained chef and cooking teacher who specializes in local, seasonal, california fare, Jessica’s philosophy in life is that the more you give, the more you get. She is also passionate about supporting established brands and newcomers alike within the spirits and winemaking industries. Not only are these delicious libations, the visual distinction of each label is something to celebrate as well.

So, I’m delighted to present a smattering of some of my favorite modern and cool handcrafted beauties, along with the best after-dinner drink you’ve never had, Barolo Chinato! A big thank you to Jessica for all that she is giving back in this current climate. This is not a sponsored post, it’s just our token of appreciation for all the small local businesses and drinking our small part to keep them afloat.

I’m delighted to present a smattering of some of my favorite modern and cool handcrafted beauties

Bottle Label Design


Libation Label Love - St George Rum

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