Nexible - Branding and Typeface

Nexible is an insure-tech company from Germany that focuses on smart, digital interactions with customers through user-friendly interfaces that make the insurance process as easy as possible. “No boring paperwork, and plenty more time to enjoy the good things in life.” Morphoria and Design studio B.O.B., put their heads together and came up with a flexible identity that is fun, bold and highly recognizable in its simplicity through distinctive shapes and vibrant colors. 

Brand elements are application dependent and can either be minimal, to make complicated topics more comprehensive, or they can be decorative and fun to interact with for the target audience on social media. The custom typeface "Nextra" is the perfect addition to this multimedia brand identity, bringing all the company's characteristics to a San Serif typeface with unique details, based on the logo architecture and graphic concept.

We partnered with other talented artists to create a 360° brand experience for our client.


  • Creative Direction: Morphoria × Design Studio B.O.B. × Dayy
  • Lead agency: Dayy
  • Photography and Video: Studio Zvei + Valentin Mühl 
  • 3D Artists: Buerau Klaus Alman
  • Hair and Make Up: Anna Hoppe 
  • Fashion Stylist: Lucio Pacchini 
  • Models: Cheryll Mühlen / Tristan, Navina and
  • Eric of Brüderchen & Schwesterchen
  • Client:

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