Visual Design Concept for Dribbble

Gregoire Vella shared a very interesting visual design concept project on his Behance profile. He tried to reeinvision Dribbble, one of the most popular places for designers to share snapshots of work. I remember when they launched, the value proposition was to be the Twitter for designers. It became a bit fancier than that with time, in the beginning people would share drafts and explorations, now everything is quite polished. I am not saying it’s bad, just an evolution of the initial idea. For me Dribbble is always a good point of reference for trends.

Is Dribbble visual porn?

Let me answer the question straight away - in my opinion - Dribbble is not porn for designers. For me Dribbble is 3 main things: A place to find inspiration, a platform to collect feedback and finally a marketing tool to generate new leads.

Visual Design Concept

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