Lūnigo, all digital insurer illustrations for UI

In product design, especially when building a digital product and/or platform. Aside from building a design system, progressing into an organization collaboration, stepping a design language to the stakeholder's table and more. We often forget little things like illustrations, yeah that old thing! To be knowledge, it's a great way to express different kinds of things. Whatever it is an icon, transcending a vision of a feature, on-boarding or just giving a polished look to your product. I think it's really important to include this mindset in the design process. We are featuring the 'all digital insurer' illustration series titled: 'Lūnigo' by DHNN Creative Agency.


About DHNN Creative Agency

DHNN is a creative agency from Miami, Florida. Their work is a wide range of digital experiences with UI/UX, branding, rebranding, VR and more. Make sure to check out their Behance.

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