Dawn よあけ — Cyberpunk NFT Photography

Francois here from abdz. I am excited to share that I just listed my first NFT on Foundation. It's the first of a 3-part series of 'animated photographs', introducing 'Dawn よあけ'. In all transparency, I am still discovering the world surrounding NFTs, I think we all do. I just excited to share more about my photography inspired by the Off-world of Cyberpunk. As I quote: "Somewhere among the haze of wandered streets of Shanghai, I noticed this person on his scooter leaving the narrow alley, the person saw me pointing my camera, I couldn't see a glimpse of its silhouette from my perspective, but I was deeply hypnotized by the entire mood as I stood still." I took the freedom to share the story behind the photograph, and the intention of this NFT is to re-create that exact moment in an infinite loop. Hope you will like it.

I really enjoyed going through the experience of having the idea, conceptualizing, dealing with blockers, going through the 'mint experience', and finally listing the NFT. One more thing, with the 'hype machine' well in place surrounding the NFTs. It felt really good to create again, that's the main takeaway from my onboarding to NFTs. I forgot how we used to create purely for the sake of expressing ourselves. It made me remember why I became a designer and why I still love taking random pictures without any purposes in mind. Just being creatively free.

Back in Shanghai 2018, I was in my hotel room looking out the window and as it started to rain. From my view, I could see parts of 'the Bund' slowly disappear into a mist of rain. There is something mysterious about discovering a city as the night fades away. I quickly pack my backpack of photo gear and some snacks and disappeared amongst the faded drizzle...

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