Microsoft PRIDE — 3D Art

atypic is a digital design studio based in Denver, CO, USA and they shared their project in collaboration with Microsoft as I quote: '... to reimagine different flags for the LGBTQI+ community, with a more naturalistic composition to symbolize a connected ecosystem, which shows how while each group is distinct, the sum is greater than its parts.' It's a beautiful description of what I think comes well together into a result that brings composition and importance. I think brands tend to just snap a 'rainbow logo' but it isn't enough. It has much more meaning than that and it's good that some of us use our skills to convey a message to inspire others. You should definitely check out the full case study on Behance.

3D cloth colors LGBTQ pride3D cloth colors LGBTQ pride

3D cloth colors LGBTQ pride

3D cloth colors LGBTQ pride



  • Microsoft Design
  • Bryce Walhof (atypic)
  • Zachary Hazen (atypic)
  • Conor Rafferty
  • Nando Costa

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