Ford Copa Libertadores (2020) - Motion Design

GTB agency invited Thiago Steka to help them tell a couple of stories about die-hard football (the real one) fans and their Fords as part of Ford's official sponsorship campaign for Copa Libertadores 2020. The result was a beautiful animation, illustration and motion design project. 

The creative team was kind enough to give Thiago a lot of creative freedom on how to translate the real interviews to animation and as if that wasn't cool enough, when the first script came in, it was a story about the team he's been a die-hard fan since ever.

This is the first video on the series and it was made by a small team of people I love and respect a lot, with the always fundamental help of my long time pal Ricardo Drehmer. Some cool design boards by the amazing João Lavieri.

Stills & Details

Kick-ass smoke by Lennon / Car reflection by Thiago / 3D phone by Ricardo 


  • Agency: GTB
  • Direction: Thiago Steka
  • Design: João Lavieri
  • Additional design: Thiago Steka
  • Animation/Comp: Thiago Steka, Lennon Valhinhas, Ricardo Drehmer
  • Cel animation: Lennon Valhinhas, Gabriel Fraga
  • 3D: Ricardo Drehmer
  • Audio: Antfood

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