Snowpiercer S01 — Screen Graphics & Motion Design

Background screens for the TV show Snowpiercer mostly used as part of the Engine Car systems. Designed by Bruno William in collaboration with Seth Molson, additional UI screens were made by Zeis Lentz.

A little research on train control systems, power supply circuits and wiring diagrams was helpful in maintaining consistency with the subject and information that was shown in the environment and eventually extrapolated to fit the narrative and style of that universe. These screens are mainly for "set dressing" while supporting the characters / actors who interact with them throughout the story, also, they serve as a guidance to convey a message in order to contextualize the audience.

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  • Client: TNT / Netflix.
  • Designers: Bruno William, Seth Molson, Zeis Lentz.
  • Animators: Seth Molson, Zeis Lentz.


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