Incredible Animations by James Curran

I have a Chrome extension that loads Dribbble posts on a grid on every new tab I open, it's a great way to take a break from whatever I am doing and find some inspiration, or make the experience of opening a new tab more exciting than just a blank page. The best thing about that though is that I get to discover some incredible work from UI to motion and the work of James Curran is on top of my list of favorites.

VFX & Animations: Nissan Venucia T90

We are getting introduced to Juice who provide expertise in strategy, design, technology and production into fresh solutions. Based in Wroclaw, Warsaw and they also have offices in Tokyo! We are taking a look at their work for Chen Kun launching Nissan Venucia T90 on the Asian market. Juice did all the VFX including the cool water, sand simulations and did you noticed the horses? Check out the video below.

Animated Campaign for Hotel Search Platform Trivago Spain

 The Rusted Pixel and Ruye were contacted by  Hotel Search Platform Trivago, Spain to create two 30 second spots as part of a new animated campaign. They worked very closely with Paulina Grondal, who overseeing the art direction of the spot, which was created in-house. The idea was simple, to zoom from space to Spain and along the way show how many hotels were available to  Hotel Search Platform Trivago users.

Motion Graphics: Huawei P20 Pro Twilight

Let's kick it off with a short but very cool motion graphics project by Lewis Orton, Ray for Huawei and their newest flagship phone: P20 Pro. It was designed for a marketing campaign in China and they focused on the remarkable gradient finish on the back of the phone.

Super Stylish Illustration and Animation: Wonderlust Ident / Racing

Wonderlust Ident / Racing is an illustration and animation project shared on Behance by a few super talented people. Their goal was to show that when you approach life with a childlike sense of wonder, life will always be fun and never boring. That is what the project is all about, and it's a series of beautiful illustration combined with smooth animation. It definitely makes you wonder why things got much boring as we grew older. 

Motion & Animation: AT&T Business by FOREAL Studio

Our friends from FOREAL Studio are back with their latest project for AT&T in collaboration with Hearts, BBDO, Organic and more. This new project involves motion, animation, art direction and advertising. It's quite lovely and really great that they take the time to show the different motions of the process as well. Overall, it's always refreshing to see what they come up with.

Fascinating 3D Animations by Guillaume Kurkdjian

Guillaume Kurkdjian, a French designer, comes up with fascinating 3D animations. He's got a sweet style which gets you right on arrival and by the end you'll need more! These are the kind of animations that fit perfectly as decoration in a website, and I would love to have some of these in my next project! For more of Guillaume's work, please visit his Instagram account! He's got plenty more examples of his work there! I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

Animation: Breath of the Night GIFs by Nancy Liang

It's amazing to see GIF images still popular. When I started my design career, or even before that back in the 90s, GIFs were the only way we could see animation on the web. It ended up losing space to Flash with its vector animations but, incredibly, GIFs made a come back and now are super popular. It's almost the core of memes. Of course artists and designers take it to the next level making beautiful animations and loops. Nancy Liang created a super stylish set of illustrations and animations with a nice retro feel.

Super Stylish Motion Design of Division & Unity

Division & Unity is a motion design, creative direction and animation project created and shared by Andrew Popplestone on his Behance profile. It's a beautiful message about modern life, how connected we are and the main issues that can create. The message is interesting but for us here we want to focus 100% on the motion design and visual language, which has that retro look with some modern interpretation. Check out below:

Inspiring Motion Work of the Animation Studio Onesal

We tend to focus our posts on individual contributors but it is important to also talk about the companies and studios that most of these amazing motion designers might work. Today we are featuring the animation studio Onesal Studio. They are based in Tokyo, Japan and shared their demo reel or showcase video on their Behance profile.

Motion Design Inspiration: Hypnotic Animations

You thought we had forgotten about our Monday motion design inspiration right, but we did not forget it. We might have delayed for a bit but here it is a selection of incredible animations and motion design skills created and shared by James Curran. James is a familiar name here on Aduzeedo, we have featured his work a couple of times but what can we do if he keeps delivering. For this post we will feature more of his amazing perfectly looped animations, from subjects like the video-game Outrun to of course politics. Everything with a lot of sense of humor.

Motion Design - The Work of Cory Duma

It's Monday and as it has become more and more common I will post about motion design. I was even thinking about calling it Motion Monday, but then I thought, it is too cheesy. We used to do that quite a lot with our post though and I liked it. Back to our motion design post. Today I'd love to share some of the work that Cory Duma shared on his Dribbble profile. There's something subtle and as in one of the comments I read said, hypnotic about some of the projects.

Illustration: The New York Times Gift Guide

New York City, it’s been quite a long time I last visited this city. It must be pretty at this time of year with the winter wonderland, well we are featuring an illustration/animation project with Paris-based illustrator Florent Hauchard with Parallel Studio for New York Times. The final result creates the rightful atmosphere of a cityscape scene with so much history and architectural features.

Motion Design: FS-II by Nicola Lopardo

FS-II is a motion design project shared by Nicolas Lopard on his Behance profile. As a fan of abstract designs, especially futuristic patterns that remind of Tron, I could not let this pass. The work that Nicolas put together for this motion project is exquisite. The dark theme and the glowing blue colors definitely caught my attention. It would be something I would love to do in Photoshop, of course Nicolas went above and beyond by creating a beautiful animation, transitioning through different patterns.

Illustration for Google Mobile Day by Leo Natsume

Google Mobile Day is an illustration and art direction project shared by Leo Natsume on his Behance profile. We have featured Leo's work quite often but he never stops delivering beautiful work. He is also from my hometown so that makes it even better. Jokes aside the work he did under MediaMonks for Google is top notch. Friendly illustrations combined with smooth animations is the recipe of success. 

Motion design by Radio

Motion design is taking over and my prediction is that in a short period of time it will be a required skill for any visual designer or perhaps any product designer. I feel that understanding the principles of animation and the power that it has in driving user's attention can help designers to create simple and more effective interfaces. It also can give that feeling of friendly and playful, or just a beautiful eye candy moment. The folks over Radio are really good at creating this moments. We selected some super clever and awesome examples for you.

ZH OURO Rio 2016 - UI/UX and Animation

The Olympic Games in Rio is over and now we have to wait another 4 years for the Tokyo games. There was a lot to like about this year, at least for me. First, it was in Brazil, my home country and second everything went well. With these massive events there's a big push in terms of promotion from media companies to create apps to garner fan attention. Leo Natsume shared a beautiful UI/UX project on Behance that is, for me, one of the best I've seen this year. The animations, the UI, everything from a visual standpoint is top notch. Check it out.

OLYMPIA Animation

Another summer Olympic games will start today, this time taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There's always an excitement behind any Olympic games, from the announcement of the logo and identity, to the mascot a few years prior. The opening ceremony is probably one of the highlights of the show, it's always kept in secret what will be shown. We here at Abduzeedo are getting into the spirit and looking forward to 17 days of sports and of course Olympic related posts.

Dots Motion Design

The importance of personal projects can never be overstated. I started ABDZ almost 10 years ago and I have learned so much since then. The project that Mark Pearson shared on his Behance page is a good example of exercising skills to improve and learn more about our craft. He played with dots and clever motion design to create super cool animations. I am sure those will be useful for him in the future.

Playful Motion Design

It is amazing to see how much the design community changes and with great sites to follow like Dribbble, Behance and many others we can compare the various shifts. Around 5 years ago, skeuomorphism was huge, then some ornamental typography. After that everything went vector and flat. Little by little things started getting more bold strokes, sometimes even with some depth. Now I feel that motion design is the new cool thing and in my opinion it's awesome. There are so many cool examples of little moments of delight that can be added with simple, yet playful animations.

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