Lovely 3D Library of Diverse Avatars

AVATARZ is a lovely 3D library of diverse avatars for any of your projects. You can use them in your products or for marketing purposes (social media posts, landing pages, blogs, newsletters, etc.). Or if you want - for your personal use.  

3D Inspiration featuring Danilo Gusmao Silveira

I keep bumping into Danilo Gusmão Silveira work while browsing Behance. It’s funny because I always think to myself, I need to post about him. But for some reason, or just a billion tabs open, that thought gets lost. Not today. Today, after I saw the awesome dune image, done entirely in 3D I went straight to write the post. It was long overdue.

Never Been Done is a 3D Surreal Skateboarding Journey

Never Been Done is an exploration of the adaptable nature of skateboarding created by Sebastian Marek using 3ds Max, Cinema 4D and Vray. Sebastian takes the viewer through a surreal journey by experimenting with design and form. As a fan of skateboarding, I had to post about this :)

Big Names & Small Trivia in 3D Illustrations

Braća Burazeri and Vlada Stevanovic shared a really cool/funny set of 3D illustrations for a calendar for 2020/21 featuring big names for each month. From Bruce Lee to Gandhi these illustrations have a lot of character and alongside with them a little trivia about the personality of the month. Definitely worth checking out.

Gokusaishiki - Abstract 3D Explorations

I love side-projects, I particularly comprehend the personal explorations that one can do to pursue to learn new things, explore new mediums or just to perfect your craft. It's not always easy with keeping a schedule, living a pandemic, going through phases of life and etc... We will always have a place for 'personal explorations' on abdz. Let's feature atom63, a designer based in New York, NY, USA. He shared on Behance, a series of abstract 3d explorations titled: Gokusaishiki. Made entirely in Cinema 4D and Octane Render.

Set Design for Klarna on Google and Apple Pay

SNASK is a production design studio based in the stunning city of Stockholm, Sweden. You might have probably seen their work featured on Behance and even here on abdz. Personally, I really dig their commercial ad campaigns, they are always creative, vibrant, and inspirational in some ways. To kick it off, we wanted to share the project they worked for Klarna, a banking company based in Sweden as well. For this campaign, let's take a look at their take on Apple and Google Pay on its art direction, set design and filmmaking.

Mischievous take on classic cartoon characters in 3D

Gal Yosef, a 3D artist from Israel, has been working on a cartoon series of old and lovely characters like Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny... and bringing them to life in some mischievous, yet hilarious compositions. Because of this Gal in June he was featured as the 3D artist of the month from Autodesk. If you don’t know who Autodesk is, they are the makers of some of the most popular 3D applications like Maya, 3ds Max and AutoCAD.

Whimsical Balance in 3D

Pol Solà has an incredible portfolio with some beautiful projects like Rings Of Saturn which was featured on Behance. There’s something about his projects that capture the 80s, in special, that sense of discovering what 3D and CGI could bring to the world in terms of visual design. With “Whimsical Balance” Pol creates a new a series of 3D explorations in collaboration with Guasch Studio. This project expands a bit more the use of textures and other materials.

COLLECTED, 3D explorations by Wes L Cockx

Let's kick it off with colors and 3D. We are sharing the work of Wes L Cockx who is a 3D designer based in Brooklyn, NY, USA. As 3D is becoming more and more part of the process of product design, it's really nice to see it applied elsewhere than marketing and communications. It served its purpose to communicate the key message whatever that you are selling a product or showing a new product feature for example. It's really nice to see this divergent move in our industry.

Uncut Gems Exploring Light & Refraction in 3D

Mark Dearman shared some awesome 3D explorations on his Behance page titled Uncut Gems. The 3d work is a collection of generative crystals, exploring light and refraction. The core structures were created procedurally in Houdini, then textured in Substance Designer and finally, lit and animated in Cinema 4D. As part of my creative process I spend a lot of time experimenting with 3D, exploring the juxtaposition of nature and technology. 

Personal Digital Explorations in Cinema 4D by Danny Ivan

I am a fan of Danny Ivan's work, following his experiments on Instagram. It's always inspiring and giving me enough boost to learn more Cinema 4D. Danny is a visual 3D artist based in Porto, Portugal and he recently released what he titled: 'Q2 2020 Personal Series'. A dedicated series of experiments with new gradients and forms; simple as that. As a follower of his work, you can notice right away that Danny really is playing with colors and shapes.

Translating Artificial Intelligence Core Values in 3D

In partnership with Microsoft Azure AI, Deep Yellow task was to create three dimensional shapes translating core values of Artificial Intelligence. Imitating human behavior these dynamic shapes evolve and interact in a natural way. The result is a series of shapes and forms that have a lot of movement, fluidity and above all beauty. I am not familiar with Azure AI but it’s fascinating to see how they try to translate terms like “learn”, “focus”, “adapt” into forms.

Internal Reflection: personal experiments on Cinema 4D

Being a product designer, I sometimes miss the 'good old days' of graphic design where there were almost 'no boundaries'. Except for when you needed to send something to the print shop, those were the days. It was pure freedom, this is how I envision the folks using Cinema 4D. Pure creative freedom! Speaking of that, we are featuring this series by titled: 'Internal Reflection'. A series of personal and colorful experiments using that very same software. First of all, I think the color tones definitely caught my eye from cold feelings all the way to something warm.

Who Created Cinema 4D S22 3D Splash Screens

The incredibly talented Nidia Dias was approached by Maxon to create this year's splash screen for their S22 release. She started by creating one 3D look/style that was further explored to different variations for different versions of the software. Besides the main release, Cinema 4D’s other versions are: Lite Version, Cinebench, Teamrender Client and Teamrender Server.

Create Super Cool Refractive Art in Cinema4D

Jonathan Quintin, founder and Creative Director at StudioJQ has an incredible class on Skillshare. In his class you will learn how to use Cinema4D & Octane to create super cool abstract graphics to enable you to use for motion and video or poster art. I found out about his class after seeing a beautiful design on Dribbble. I love the internet. My weekend now is going to be filled with new things to learn.

Surrealist 3D Compositions for a Surrealistic Reality 

Imagine if a seer or a psychic told you that the new decade would start with a massive pandemic and that all the non-essential business would be shut down. What would you think? I would definitely think it’s pure bull crap. The funny thing is that we all those things happening, all but the psychic part. The truth is, everything feels too surreal, too much like a Hollywood movie. That concerning part is that the movie is not even halfway through. There won’t be a back to normal. If you are waiting for that I would beg you to stop. What comes next, nobody knows.

Material World: Unused R&D Explorations

Rutger Paulusse has been teasing with his new colorful & vibrant series titled: Material World. I just love the fact that Rutger mentioned that these are from unused R&D experiments that happen all the time. Usually, we do forget about it but I just dig how Rutger embraces them and goes beyond deeper. Speaking of colors, I mean take a look at these gradients! It's lovely and it is embracing the exploration meanwhile you are trying to achieve a result needed for the project.

Stay Home & Create New 3D Images in Cinema 4D

I’ve never seen an event that affected so many countries in such a negative way. It’s sad to see what’s going on across Europe, Americas, Asia, Africa, pretty much everywhere. What is even more incredible in my personal opinion is that the only way to slow it down is that we all try to create social distancing, if possible staying home. Staying home for a couple of days is fine, but for an undefined amount of time can be daunting, however if you can try to use that time to learn new things or create new things.

Learn to Create a 3D Sci-fi Environment in Blender

If there is one thing that we can say that is positive about staying home is that you can have time to learn new things. On top of that, we have so much information at our disposal that makes learning quite accessible for those who have access to the internet. A good example is if you want to learn 3D using the free 3D software Blender. Jan Urschel shared how you can create a moody sci-fi interior/exterior scene. “Explore different lighting scenarios, a variety of surfaces and materials to help push your scenes further.

Art Deco 3D Typography for Shell House

Like Minded Studio has shared are really cool project on their Behance page. Titled Shell House, the project rocks a composition using 3D Typography and a beautiful Art Deco style. It reminds me of the Great Gatsby artwork and also the Photoshop tutorial we wrote about it years ago. 

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