Foam Reactions in 3D

Ruye is a super talented 3D and motion designer with a rich portfolio of commercial and personal projects. I am a fan of personal projects as you might already know, so of course I tend to get quite excited when I see other folks doing incredible work as a side gig. That’s what Ruye did with this set of foam exploration using Houdini and Cinema 4D. Simply awesome! 

MONDRIAN 3.0 — NFT by ethikdesign©

Yanis Georges (ethikdesign©) shared another amazing 3D project, this time inspired by one of my favorite artists, Mondrian. Mondrian 3.0 is a nod to the Dutch pioneer of 20thcentury abstract art. But whereas the father of Modernism limited his visual vocabulary to three primary colours, Yanis, has set aside any such formalism in his palette.

Beneath the Surface — 3D Experiments in Houdini

Ian Frederick shared a 3D project that is an experimental art piece created as a method for him to learn Houdini, specifically its cloth and soft body system called Vellum. “It started out as just seeing if I could model a good looking octopus tentacle.

CHARACTERZ — The Biggest 3D Characters Library

CHARACTERZ is the biggest single library of 3D diverse characters in the world. You can use them in your products or for marketing purposes (social media posts, landing pages, blogs, newsletters, etc.). Or if you want - for your personal use.

Motion Design Spotlight — Sam Burton

Sam Burton is a freelance motion designer and animator. For the last 10 years, he has worked across a large variety of projects including animated commercials, broadcast design, music videos and pretty much everything in between. If you look at Sam’s work you will understand why we love it and feature it here on the blog. It has that nostalgic/retro feeling, especially his NFTs.

Ornate & Highly Decorative 3D Typography

Katt Phatt™ shared a beautiful 3D project on Behance featuring some ornate and highly decorative design. A typographic piece which accentuates curves within typography. With the addition of 3D to further enhance the effects. The tools used were: Autodesk 3ds MaxPixologic ZbrushCorona Renderer.

3D & Typography for KOBU Foundry

Brígida Lourenço Guerreiro and the folks over at KOBU Agency shared a really cool 3D project exploring glass texture and typography. The project from my understanding was created to celebrate KOBU Foundry’s first anniversary.

Loop Desk — Minimal and Sophisticated Industrial Design

João Teixeira shared another beautiful industrial design project fully rendered in 3D using Blender. Minimal yet sophisticated, and slim were some of the keywords while designing the Loop desk. The name derives from the way the monitor stand is designed, looping all around the table top in a seamless way.  This design was motivated by the way most people have been working from home due to lockdowns, enhancing the workspace and making it more friendly and productive.

NFT Spotlight — RWR2 Bizarre and Surreal Work

Rodrigo Rezende AKA “RWR2” is a Brazilian artist and graphic designer working for the design, illustration and animation industry over the past 15 years. Currently working as a full-time Art Director at Tendril studio, based in Toronto, Canada. We are creating design and animation projects for clients like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Netflix, FX, Apple, Starz, Shopify, Ikea and many others.

The Anatomy of Light - NFT Series

Gabriel Rocha is a Brazilian multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto, Canada, currently working as a director at Tendril.ca. With a focus on motion graphics and 3D, Gabriel released recently an NFT series called "The Anatomy of Light" where he explores two of his passions: science and art. Each piece explores the beauty of the faultless path light travels through different geometric shapes.   No clients, no notes, no making the logo bigger asks

Abstract 3D Compositions by Lee Griggs

Lee Griggs shared a 3D project featuring some beautiful abstract compositions. The title of the series is Bifrost Strands 2. There’s not much info about the way Lee created these forms, what software, render engine but that doesn't really matter. 

R&D II - Intricate 3D Compositions

Walid Aziz, a digital artist based in Canada, shared a set of incredible 3D compositions titled R&D II. I have a hard time trying to describe the 3D images, they remind me a lot of coral reefs and how they grow on objects in the ocean creating intricate forms. For more information make sure to check out this work on Instagram 

Big Gs - NFT by Alex Diaconu

Alex Diaconu  shared a new project that he’s releasing as NFT on Rarible. The coolest thing about this project, besides being a beautiful set of 3D artwork and digital art is that the proceeds of the auction will be donated to  CALM.

NFL Network - Brand Concent

Harrison Vincent shared a 3D and motion design project for a pitch work for the NFL Network with the question, “What will the league be in 50 years?” - Harrison worked with Mirada to create a futuristic treatment for the NFL Network. Mysterious machinery, ominous architecture, and filtered projections; create a filmic atmosphere in this brand reimagining.

Series of 3D Mechanisms

Fran Rossi shared a beautiful set of 3D images titled “Brand Mechanisms”. The collection as Fran describes, is a series of mechanisms he designed for Mutualitics Brand Agency. “The idea was to create different concept mechanisms to show arrangements of pieces that may work together or separated in space and dimensions. As a whole or just random parts”  - adds Fran.

Holographic 3D Explorations by Roman Haswell

I wanted to share these 'Holographic 3D Illustrations' by Roman Haswell who is a 3D ? graphic designer based in Novosibirsk, Russian Federation. Hi series is a take on 3D explorations made with a theme surrounding the 'holographic effect'. With the rise of #NFT, it's amazing how the community has been taking shape to somehow what we would say entering a new era. We have been supporting the digital space forever and will keep on supporting the community. Share some love!

Slinky Nostalgia in 3D

Slinky Nostalgia is a sparkle of childhood memories. This beautiful 3D animation was created by the super talented, and fellow Brazilian, Frederico Felix, it’s his first NFT of the series available at Foundation. 

Ben Coffee Table - Industrial Design

João Teixeira shared a really beautiful industrial design project. Ben coffee table was designed specifically for 3D modeling purposes, Mr. Teixeira wanted to test a new way to simulate welding on Blender so he was motivated to design an object in which he could experiment. In short words, Ben is a basic and simple table, its metal structure is CNC bended and the pieces all welded together. Both table tops are CNC milled. “I aimed for industrial processes that could guarantee ease of production and precision.

Molecular Food in 3D

Vinicius Araújo shared a personal 3D project experimenting with textures and materials with Cinema 4D and Octane Render. The project is titled Molecular Food recreates very minimal compositions playing with food. The result is quite inspiring.

Collection of Abstract 3D Explorations

Atilla Kurt shared a collection of abstract 3D explorations created using  Autodesk Maya, Maxon Redshift, Adobe Photoshop. They feature simple compositions using spheres with beautiful materials/textures and lighting. The attention to details really set the work appart, especially the golden elements with realistic reflections.

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