Adobe Announces Updates to Dimension for Photorealistic 3D Scenes

Our friends over at Adobe announced updates to Dimension, including new features and improvements that will enable users to more easily create incredible photorealistic 3D scenes and design and showcase their work in new ways.

Adobe Dimension empowers design and marketing teams to compose, adjust, and render high-quality, photorealistic images

New features and improvements to Dimension include:

Embed Dimension in Online Portfolios

Fully embed, integrate, and publish designs on websites, like Behance. This gives designers the opportunity to add a completely new medium to their online art portfolio, create a virtualized ‘showroom’ of products, or create more engaging marketing content.

Align & Distribute

With the new Align & Distribute action, designers can instantly configure how multiple objects are arranged together, including setting even spacing between them or aligning the edges. Designers can interact with the action widget in real-time, making it fast and easy to make precise adjustments. This will help ensure scenes never look disjointed or cluttered.

Export Models

In addition to saving and exporting entire Dimension scenes, users can now export individual models from a broader scene as isolated objects. This update introduces the ability to add models from Dimension into Creative Cloud Libraries, making it easy to stay organized and reuse models in many projects. This also makes collaboration even more streamlined with the ability to share 3D assets.

There are many more enhancements and tweaks in this latest version. To see everything new, check out our full release notes for Dimension 2.3. If you haven’t tried Dimension yet, head over to our homepage to download the latest version and learn more about how you can visualize branding, packaging, logo designs, and art in 3D with photorealistic renderings. If you’ve never worked in 3D before, don’t worry; Adobe Dimension features an intuitive and familiar UI that makes it perfect for graphic designers


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