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Art Direction & Graphic Design: Under Armour | Cal

I won't hide it, I am a huge fan of Under Armour. I am a fan of their brand, material quality and particularly the collaboration work they do. Let's take a look at this one especially done for Cal. The first public university in the beautiful state of California, we are taking a stroll into a rebranding effort was made from logos, messaging, to photography was up for a refresh. It's a beautiful and yet a playful result!

Interior Design Love: Singapore's Suzette Dessert Bar

We fell in love with the interiors of Suzette, a retro chic inspired dessert bar in Singapore's Marina Bay. Not only a haven for those with a weak knee for sweets, this bite sized shop is also eye candy for anyone with a love for interiors. Enter Suzette and you will be greeted by a bar made up of customized terrazzo slabs creating a unique focal point of the shop. We're also digging the rich teal and blush color palette with copper and concrete peppered in at all the right spots.

Red Bull Sound Select: 3 Days in Toronto

We are excited to share the event by Red Bull Sound Select: 3 Days in Toronto. A gathering where they would celebrate the local talent from its city with many artists including: Majid Jordan, a l l i e, Chris Larocca, Badbadnotgood and more. Let's take a look at the event and if you are in Toronto, Canada; you should definitely check it out. We will share in the next article everything about the work in some sort of an interview behind with the designers and artists and about all their work for the Red Bull Sound Select 3 Days in Toronto.

Illustration & Art Direction: Selected Editorial Work by Eiko Ojala

Let's take a look at the Illustration & Art Direction project by Eiko Ojala about a selected collection of his work from 2016-17. What's interesting is that you would think that is paper cut but it's a illustrative mixture with graphic design. The Beautiful craftsmanship that you should definitely be inspired. Check it out! Eiko Ojala is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Tallinn, Estonia. You should definitely check out his Behance for more of his stunning work.

Art Direction & Illustration: Logitech Craft by Pawel Nolbert

Last week we have featured the latest tech keyboard by Logitech called Craft. By its beautiful industrial design, we managed to get one for the blog that we will gladly review in the upcoming weeks. By the meantime, let's take a look at the illustration and art direction work by the mighty Pawel Nolbert who has been making the news recently with the launch. Stylish and right fitting to the colourful world of Pawel, let's dive into his universe.

Digital Art & Direction: Cannes Lions Imagination Day 2017

It's that time of the year where our friends from Ars Thanea reveal the visuals for their Cannes Lions Imagination Day Conference. Each year, they will present something unique and certainly get our attention. This year is no surprises with the symbolic lion back again but this time in all fury. Please enjoy because it's awesome!

Advertising & Art Direction: Destápate Campaign

Let's take a look at this interesting campaign that involved advertising & art direction for Destápate. What I love about this campaign is the approach and actually the story behind why. It invites you all Colombians to celebrate who they really are instead to hide underneath clichés. You should check out the commercial, it's quite lovely and share the love! Mullen Lowe SSP3 is an advertising agency in Bogotá, Colombia. You should definitely check out their site for more work.

Motion & Set Design: 2047 Apologue - Weaving Maсhine

2047 Apologue is a show by the Chinese director and visionary–Zhang Yimou. Presented on last June at the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) in Beijing. We follow the work from Radugadesign about their involvement in motion and set design. I love how the concepts comes to live following the incredible vision and direction from Zhang Yimou. Check out the video as well, it's well worth it.

Art Direction & Motion : Kamaliza – Zanzibar (Love Is Love)

Let's start off the Week with this Art Direction & Motion project by UK-based Cape & Monocle. Entitled: Zanzibar (Love Is Love), it's a music video that tells the story of a robot (last of his kind) scattering places in goal to find parts to rebuild his partner. You are taken into this beautiful melody as you are right away charmed by the visuals and intriguing concept makes you watch till the end of the music video. Frame by frame is just a pleasure to discover. Sit back and give it a watch.

Motion Design Behind the Short Film Epic Fail

The short film and video art Epic Fail is a really cool motion design project created and shared by Greg Barth on his Behance profile. It is an avant-garde essay that questions how we perceive truth, information and politics, seen through the dual lenses of our real and virtual identities.  Moved by the political events that shook 2016, the film is inspired by Jean Paul Sartre’s “Nausea”; or how we can develop visual embodiments of our emotions as a catharsis on how to deal with reality.

Web design: Savee. All your inspiration in one place

Savee. is a new service that helps you to save and organize your images and inspiration. It works like FFFound and Designspiration in a way but has a different visual style, more bold for lack of better word. I saw this project and thought it had a really beautiful web design and style, then I saw that it was created and shared by Andre do Amaral I was even happier. Andre is a Brazilian designer based in the Bay Area and currently working at Netflix.

Set Design & Art Direction: Adobe at OFFF 2017

Noelia Lozano is a Madrid-based graphic designer and art director that specializes her work into paper craft, CGI and 3D. For her latest project, she had to put those skills in action to create a set design for Adobe at the prestigious 2017 OFFF edition. In collaboration (Art Direction) with DR Digital Agency, it must have been quite an honour to be able to create something that would have been seen by more than 4000 attendees. You should definitely check out the full project as well on her Behance.

Interaction Design & Art Direction: The Refugee Nation

An Interaction Design and Art Direction for Refugee Nation by Justin Au. I don't know if you guys remember at the last Olympics, we've witnessed a team of refugee athletes compete in the games. A first in the history and since they had no official "home" to call their own, no anthem and no flag. A flag of the "Refugee Nation," created by Syrian refugee was orange and black, to represent the life vests the athletes wore as they set off in boats for a better life.

Art Direction & Advertising: Everything is okay Until it's not.

Let's take a look at this art direction & advertising campaign proposal by designer Rui Gonçalves for Reliance Life Insurance. That tagline is pretty neat and tells the story of the two pieces very well. You just gotta love the layered composed elements and also the perspective that gives you a unique puzzle of the global situation. Props to the post-production skills from Rui who does a very job to express the behind-the-scenes. And also sharing his frame-by-frame process so we can get inspired from.

Art Direction & Branding: The Work of Rita Goulão

We are featuring the work from Rita Goulão from her art direction and branding works where lettering and typography shines on every single piece of work. Based in Barcelona, aside from her work, you can definitely tuned in to her monthly radioshow at Rádio Quântica. A designer and a DJ both together for a great combination of graphic design with a musical flair. Hope you like it!

Branding & Art Direction: Family Tales Book

Let's take a look at a branding & art direction project by Size Agency about the Family Takes Book through its identity, branding and graphic design. Reading stories for your kids is a part of parenting that we somehow neglect with the age of technology. It's definitely easier with tablets or phones for interactivity but somehow it's always good to keep our roots.

Interaction Design & Art Direction: Shantell Martin

Let's take a closer look at the Interaction Design & Art Direction work from New York based studio named Anton & Irene. They usually work for clients or self-initiated projects but this time is for a friend named Shantell Martin who is an artist who is best known for her black and white drawings. You definitely check out the full case study as well.

Art Direction & Graphic Design: RUH

Hope everyone enjoyed their long Happy Easter Weekend, we would like to start off the week with an art direction & graphic design by Leta Sobierajski for the brand RUH. I love how Leta is thinking outside the box with her colour palette and texture; I must admit that cyan, gold and black/white can go pretty well together. See it for yourself!

Art Direction: Ghost in the Shell Solograms and Posters

I have not seen Ghost in the Shell yet, but it's definitely on the list of movies I want to see despite the not so good reviews. One of the reasons is the look and feel of the movie. The post modern, futuristic look full of neons and crazy stuff. For this post we share a little bit of of the art direction behind it from a post shared by Ash Thorp and Christoffer Bjerre on their Behance pages.

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