Conceptual Hovercraft Explorations by Thierry Doizon

Fellow Montrealer Thierry Doizon has been cooking up a series that has definitely caught our eyes. Titled: Hovercraft #X, we are following his conceptual and development experiments of Hovercrafts for the Hëll5pit project. Coming from a background of game design from Ubisoft, all the illustrations are playfully reinstating a mixture of art direction and obviously automotive design. Check it out!

UI/UX Interface Concept for Harman Kardon Citation

We are featuring the work from Cristian Lorca who shared an interesting concept on his Behance profile for Harman Kardon Citation. Bringing another level of touch with speakers from the Harman Kardon family. At first glance, you can't help to appreciate all the levels of the process shared in the documentation. It's concise and clear. You wouldn't think there is so much work to design such a small interface but wrong.

Conceptual Landscapes and Universe of Jan Urschel

Continuing the tribute for the cult movie Blade Runner and being now living in November 2019. I decided to feature another artist but this is a conceptual artist from Singapore. We are taking another route for this article, let's get out of the city with his 'Procedural Landscape' series that he shared on Behance. In this series, you will be taken in the desert, close to the ocean and everywhere.

Web Design & UI/UX: Aero - Flight Booking

We are sharing the work from creative director Daniel Tan from Tofu Design based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Say hello to his concept entitled: Aero, a flight booking experience for the Web. At first glance, it's definitely an updated UI with "less clutter" that would just fill the experience with legal information and ad placements. There are cool ideas like the one-click access but I particularly like the "See your journey" feature, that's pretty neat and totally enhance the booking expectations.

Web Design: Cittá - a furniture website concept

Let's take a look at this web design by Ovik Mooshlyan for a furniture website concept. He is a UI/UX designer at Cetis Branding Agency based in Moscow, Russian Federation. His retail concept has interesting points to share with having the total straight in the navigation bar. I personally liked the grid system which was pretty unconventional where he didn't use any shadows or blur. We are getting used of seeing more and more retail web designs looking more alike to each other, it's nice to discuss a design taking another direction.

The Witcher Fan Art Collection

Netflix shared the first look of the upcoming The Witcher, a book adaptation coming soon on the streaming platform. Starring Henry Cavill and cie; it will be about a fantasy series of short stories and novels about the protagonist character Geralt of Rivia. For the occasion, I decided to feature Wojtek Fus's fan art collection as a concept art and obviously inspired by The Witcher.

Be Legendary. Nike Branding Concept for Tokyo 2020

Daniele Caruso is a freelance illustrator based in Swindon, United Kingdom. He is working mainly in illustration, graphic design and branding. We are taking a look at his branding concept for Nike: Be Legendary, for the upcoming and anticipated Tokyo 2020. With the tagline "legendary", Daniele included mythological creatures to create an artistic atmosphere alongside with the colour palette that totally reminds me of Dotonbori (the bright heart) from Osaka, Japan. What do you think? Would you like this kind of visual approach if it was from Nike.

Redesigning Apple OS / MacOs 2020 with Edge to Edge Macbook Concept

We are taking a look at a very interesting redesign by Montreal-based designer Aurélien Salomon on a concept for Apple OS / MacOs 2020 with Edge to Edge Macbook. First of all, we can't help to notice the edge to edge MacBook design, what do you think? I am not too keen on the margins but it's quite interesting though. Aurélien does a remarkable at this presentation and he's pretty amazing to see his ideas/concepts for the finder, dark mode, Safari and of course Augmented Reality. What do you think of this concept?

Web Design Concept for the Photographer Aldo Sessa

Aldo Sessa is a concept art direction, UI/UX and web design project created and shared by Adrián Somoza.  Aldo Sessa is a well-known photographer and artist from Argentina. With this concept project Adrian really takes advantage of the beautiful imagery to make a web site that almost feels like a museum exhibition. Super clean and simple it's a great example of web design in my opinion. 

Product Design and UI/UX: iPhone 8 Concept

It’s that time of the year where a lot of tech blog/news would share their rumours about the next iPhone. With the fact that Apple is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, most of us are kind of eager what they will come up with. Bezels? Tiny bezels or none? Let’s take all the features aside, let’s take a look at this product design by Moe Slah’s iPhone Concept and what was his direction for the UI/UX. I really enjoyed his refined design with an updated iOS 10 UI and think it will be greatly received by everyone.

Apple Mirror - Touchscreen Mirror Functional Concept

We love concepts and ideas over at Abduzeedo, we are even more intrigued when it’s actually functioning and live for the World to see. Let’s take a look at this amazing work from Rafael Dymek who has multiple roles as a Marketing guy, Designer and Web Developer currently based in New York, NY.

Lovely Facebook Gift Concept

We’ve featured a lot of concepts on Abduzeedo, some of them are plain redesign and others are intuitively well-thought-out ideas. For example, let’s take a closer look at the work of Jay Lee who is a UI designer currently based in Seoul, Korea.

Cartago Sport Games Branding Concept

One of the things I do enjoy the most on Abduzeedo is discovering the stories behind the projects we feature. Designing with a purpose and expressing a meaning or a story through the clean lines and strokes of a logo is quite beautiful. Let’s take a look at the work of Adriana Astua about designing a concept branding for organizing a Sport Games in Costa Rica.

AUXILIARY Earbuds & Headphone Concept

Between the announcement of the iPhone 7 and the most (not-so) outrageous removal of the headphone jack. I would say that what surprised me the most was the announcement of the new product called: Airpods. In my opinion, It’s not a design for everyone and it comes to a pretty expensive price. With a little search, you can find very affordable wireless headphones out there.

Revisiting VSCO

Let's talk about VSCO and their recent overhaul app update that generated a lot of feedback from the community especially designers. Whenever you liked it or not, one thing for sure is no one ever (ever) like change. It's part of who we are as human beings and I don't think it's going to change anytime soon. From my personal opinion, the app has (and still) important user flow problems that disadvantage your experience with it.

to Bē. Concept

Behance, how often do you go on it? How many times a day? How many times a week? We love Behance here on Abduzeedo. It has been bringing so many new artists to our attention throughout the years and we can't help to recognize its true purpose to the platform. What also brought us to our attention is this campaign concept by Vlad Likh on: "What if Behance did some massive campaign/advertising to promote their brand? What it would look like?". Let's take a look!

BMW Vision NEXT 100

It's been a long time since the last post about industrial design, which by the way, is my background. I sucked at industrial design, but I learned a lot about materials, budgeting and prototyping. I love seeing projects about the topic, especially car design. The BMW Vision NEXT 100 is one of this projects that makes wonder about the cars we will see in the future. It's a concept but gives a glimpse of what's coming and that's why it deserves a feature here on ABDZ

Nike Lunar Relic Concept

Thomas Le is a designer from Boston who came up with this amazing concept for nike. Basically an exploration of modern upper technology (Flywire/Magwire) and how that could be interpreted with old methods of making such as weaving/braiding leather lace on a leather upper. For more from Thomas Le visit

LinkedIn Redesign Concept

Australian Designer Flavio Argemi in collaboration with innovation agency Zero, this concept for Linkedin explores an improved user experience and interface for the professional network, while introducing new tools and considering how we might undertake business in the future. For more from Flavio Argemi visit

TVR Logo Concept

TVR is an independent British manufacturer of sports cars. The company manufactures lightweight sports cars with powerful engines. Irish designer Lukasz Kulakowski decided to put together a new concept logo for TVR based on their old logo and the Union Jack flag. Check it out! For more from Lukasz Kulakowski visit

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