The Witcher Fan Art Collection

Netflix shared the first look of the upcoming The Witcher, a book adaptation coming soon on the streaming platform. Starring Henry Cavill and cie; it will be about a fantasy series of short stories and novels about the protagonist character Geralt of Rivia. For the occasion, I decided to feature Wojtek Fus's fan art collection as a concept art and obviously inspired by The Witcher. He is a concept designer from Elbląg, Poland, make sure to follow his work on Behance.

I've been Andrzej Sapkowski's 'The Witcher' novels fan ever since I read 'The Last Wish' when I was fifteen. It immediately sparked my imagination. I've been rereading the novels throughout my concept art journey and numerous times I ended up recreating some scenes from the books. Here is a collection of The Witcher inspired artworks.

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