Conceptual Landscapes and Universe of Jan Urschel

Continuing the tribute for the cult movie Blade Runner and being now living in November 2019. I decided to feature another artist but this is a conceptual artist from Singapore. We are taking another route for this article, let's get out of the city with his 'Procedural Landscape' series that he shared on Behance. In this series, you will be taken in the desert, close to the ocean and everywhere. The entire set has been built on Photoshop and Blender 3D, a tool I haven't heard before. It's totally worth a share on ABDZ, give it a look!

Conceptual & Digital Art

About Jan Urschek

Jan is a freelance concept designer based in Singapore. You could totally see why his work is inspired by a futuristic and neo-noir vibe since he is currently living in Singapore. Having visited this city once, it's a total mixture of new and old. You should definitely check out his Behance.

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