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Editorial & Graphic Design: Everyone, El Salvador

The mighty folks from Toronto-based Underline Studio have partnered with the Salvadoran human rights organization, Asociación Pro-Búsqueda. To create and design a special edition newspaper that highlights the atrocities of El Salvador's civil war through art, poetry and action. Their goal is to spread awareness and promote their cause. You should definitely check out their Kickstarter and give them your support.

Beautiful Graphic Design Erkenntnisweg und Heiliger Geist

Yuta Takahashi shared an incredible graphic design and editorial design project on his Behance profile titled Erkenntnisweg und Heiliger Geist.  As he mentions in the description, this book, which combines modernity and minimalism, ancient knowledge and philosophical thought, has a completely new, unique design. You can definitely see that right away with the cover that is simple but very elegant because of the paper texture.

Editorial Design: Play, Cook, Kiss: Culinary Tricks

Happy Friday guys! We are sharing a culinary book that is everything except being conventional. Let me explain, the folks at Juicy Square did an incredible job at editorial design to express the passion for food through the pages of the book entitled: Play, Cook, Kiss: Culinary Tricks. The title says it all, the design is playful and does a play on the material too. Something we have rarely seen in this part of the industry. Mixing different mediums from sketching, typography, images and graphic design; this book is certainty a gem.

Editorial Design & Branding for Tokyo Bousai

Let's take a look at this editorial design & branding project for Tokyo Metropolitan Government by Nosigner. There's a high importance of user friendliness in Japan, this might a good subject for another article but let's not derail for now. This book has been created to help citizens to be prepared in case of a disaster and has been distributed to 7.5 million households. Two things I love about this design, first the colour to make very distinguishable and the manga comic illustration approach to be super easy to follow. What do you think?

An Editorial School Project: Xplore Newsletter

Nothing to start off your Weekend with an editorial project made by a graphic design student. The project is called: Xplore Newsletter and it has been designed by Parmuditho Wahyudhana. Remove the fact that I loved his choice of subject which was the city of Tokyo but I enjoyed his treatment on the layout with different shapes into the grid to make everything messy and unique at the same time. I also enjoyed his direction on the pictures with a psychedelic approach that gives you an impression of Japan from the 60s, beautiful work Parmuditho!

Graphic Design and Editorial: Drope

We love student projects on Abduzeedo and this one involves graphic design, editorial and photography by Marcelo Rodrigues and André de Lima. I loved their choice of font for the project and the approach of the dualtone is just so attractive. Give it a look! Congrats to both of them of making up something great and put it online.

Editorial Design: Ting™ Branding

As you may know that we love personal projects on Abduzeedo, it’s a great way to keep you mind inspired and giving you a balance in your daily workflow. It’s also a great way to experiment ideas and concepts. We would like to share this editorial design by Mohammed Samir and his personal series of magazines called: Ting Studio.

Editorial Design: Save the Children

I am one of those believers that believe that design can change the world by its purpose and its reasons. We do what we do for what we believe is worth fighting. We are able to create things that can drag emotions, thinking and more. Let’s take a closer at this editorial design by Mother Design for Save the Children. As I quote: “..creating an opportunity to engage with the people behind them”.

Editorial Design: Typeface Felice the Book

Nico Inosanto is a graphic designer based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. He focus his work mainly on typography for the making of new typefaces. We are taking a look at actually a book about an elegant and classy typeface of Nico’s called Felice. Taking on the approach of its editorial design work, the book is simply beautiful and conservative with its minimal pages and some highlighting the font with composition to devour.

Editorial Design: The New York Times Redesign Concept

The New York Times Redesign is concept editorial design project shared by Slava Kornilov and Bohdan Kononets on their Behance page. I have to say, I have seen quite a few of concept projects but as extensive as this one I still have to see. I understand the value of an exercise like this, but I cannot imagine the amount of time necessary to put something that detailed together.

Editorial Design: The Work of Anaïs Coulon

Editorial Design has being around for a long time and we really do enjoy that sometimes we see projects that takes to another level OR even where you just gotta spend a couple more minutes to admire at the details. Let’s take a look at the work from Anaïs Coulon that is really stepping it up with her work. Let’s break it down!

Editorial Design: Awoke Magazine

Awoke Magazine is a branding and editorial design project shared by Lucas Berghoef. Awoke is a digital and traditional lifestyle magazine focussing on a different view on fashion, music and art. As a fan of black and white themes, Lucas really put together something quite beautiful. The typography is quite modern and the little text effect to increase contrast works quite well. It also gave me some ideas for the new version of Abduzeedo.

Eins Und Null Magazine - Editorial Magazine

Wikipedia, we all have used at least a couple times during the course of our lives to gain information on a certain subject. They are really reliable, always up-to-date and above all mostly tell the story behind what we are usually looking for. We can’t easily lose track of time and reading. How about if it was in a magazine form? Or even a popular science art magazine? Well this is what Malwin Béla Hürkey, he is designer currently based in Berlin.

The CV Tabloid - Editorial Design

Nowadays, being unique in your work, brand or portfolio really can paid off. We spoke about reinventing the wheel and it’s still always the case. Let’s talk about portfolios for example, we follow a ”rule” about how we should showcase (in print) our portfolio, having a business card and an introductory letter. Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of your next employer, how many portfolios they have seen so far? What’s the amount of time given on a review? Being different might add to your chances?

Geiger Magazine - Editorial Design

Geiger Magazine is a editorial design project created by Mads Thorsoe and it was a school assignment to redesign a magazine. The reason I am sharing this project is because it is an old one, it was shared in 2012, that's 4 years ago. It is fascinating to see that after over 4 years the style is still relevant and applicable today. That's a testament on the importance of simplicity. Dieter Rams famously said, good design is long-lasting. Compare that with software interface and you will understand the difference.

Jungle n°4 - Editorial Design

Jungle is a editorial design project for a thematic employment guide. It features interviews, advices and investigations for the people starting out their careers. The project was shared by Violaine & Jeremy and it is a great example of how playful and colorful an editorial project can be. We tend to feature minimalist projects and this project is the opposite. From beautiful illustrations to bold and unique typography. It definitely gives a fresh perspective and inspiration.

A New Type of Imprint VOL. 8 - Editorial Design

A New Type of Imprint VOL. 8 is an editorial design project by Anti. For me the best thing about editorial design projects like that is that they gives a lot of ideas and references about typography, grid system and especially white space. Most of the times there's no artifacts like shadows or gradients like we can rely on digital design to create separation and distinction of elements. It's all about bold imagery and typography.

Ninety Nine U magazine - Editorial Design

I have to say, nothing inspires me more than a beautiful editorial design. Simplicity and elegancy, plenty of white space and beautiful typography. Add all of that and you have a truly inspiring design like the Ninety Nine U Magazine. I know their content is also stunning but let's just admire the incredible work that Mark Books put together. Ninety Nine U magazine brings you the best of the creative world through the lens of design and the people and work who are shaping it. - Mark Brooks, Behance

Mental Health - Editorial Design

Design has the power to communicate and improve people's lives. That's the ultimate goal of a good user experience. The role of designers in communicating the message is very important, some subjects must be treated with a lot of attention because it might be related to health or other delicate situations. Scott Carroll shared an editorial design project with us that he worked on for mental health for men. It's titled "Mental Health." It's a set of designs for media including posters, a book and newspaper ads with the goal of driving awareness on the matter.

Editorial Design for Tecom Parks

It's been quite a few days without any editorial design project here on the blog. It's time to change that with a really cool project created by Mohamed Samir for Tecom Parks. The brochures he created are quite stylish. It feels more like a collateral for an exhibit or an upscale brand due to the simple typography, black and white photos and bold text.

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