Illustration Inspiration: A series of illustrative work to inspirit your week

Since our weekly curated UI/UX interactions series are going well, we decided to give it a try with illustrations. Instead of focusing on one specific medium for illustrations like a print design for example. We will surf and look for great pieces across more platforms from books, print, web, applications and more. We will mix it all from static, dynamic and even live animations, this might be a great series to bookmark! For this week, let's go in different directions and see how this will boost your creativity!

Art Direction & Illustration: Black Friday, BEWARE!

It's finally the end of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday craze, aren't you glad that is over?! WE got hammered in our inboxes from the pre-sale, actual sale, extended and never-ending sales. After all of this, did you buy anything? Was it worth it? This is exactly the intention behind this illustration series by Tough Slate Design, what you think? I think it's a true representation of our rage for discounted prices for a limited time.

Coca-Cola x Adobe Collaboration by Vasjen Katro

It's always lovely to see one of your inspirational designers kicking with amazing projects one after another. It is the case with Vasjen Katro and his collaboration work with Coca-Cola x Adobe. Using Adobe Creative Cloud Tools, his task was to simply create awesomeness for the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics inspired by Coca-Cola. The results are stunning and reminding what we mostly used to do 5-6 years ago. Hit it!

Illustration & Graphic Design: Butcher Billy's Stranger Tales: S2

Stranger Things 2, have you watched it yet? This is again a SPOILER FREE feature! I truly loved the second season and I am currently re-watching the first season since it's just that good. For the occasion, I stumbled across this very cool illustration series by Butcher Billy. He did indeed re-create the style and tribute to the 80s with the textures, typography and of course the illustrations. I absolutely love that he also applied the very same stylish treatment to Atari cartridges. Please enjoy!

Illustration Portraits for Stylist Magazine by Mercedes deBellard

We are taking a closer look at the work of Spain-based illustrator named Mercedes deBellard and her latest illustration series for Stylist Magazine. Among the people shown in her series, you might have recognized "Mike", the kid from Netflix's Stranger Things. It's a lovely collection of both drawings and paintings; I am quite fascinated by the treatment on the hair. Each portrait is greatly defined by a unique set of lines that characterized their own personalities, it's just beautiful.

Halloween Illustration: Well That's Pennywise!

We are only a few days from Halloween, are you still trick and treating? Hah! I've been quite fascinated by the latest adaption from Stephen King's movie "It". With both events combined, it's a nice occasion to revisit the main character of one of the scariest movies of the year. Hello Pennywise! Let's take a look at this illustration for Halloween by Germany-based designer Martin Hoffmann, after having 3 days of free time between two jobs. Why not having fun taking a poke at Pennywise? What do you think?

Digital Art & Illustration: Summer Diary Series

Summer might be over but it never is with Digital Art. That's the idea behind the concept with the mighty folks from Hunky-Dunky. Let's go through your beautiful summer memories through CGI and illustrative form, it's definitely a cool series! I love the fact that they expressed it like a journal with dates and funny quotes. Hit it!

Eerie Illustration Work for A Separate Reality

We have featured Alex Andreyev and his amazing and surrealist work so many times here on Abduzeedo. It's pretty easy to keep featuring him, he is always delivering some incredible illustration work. What I love the most is just how introspective this artworks make me feel. The title of the series explain that quite well, A Separate Reality, 17th edition. Looks like we are 16 posts behind but that's okay, check out the illustration set after the break and let us know what you think via Twitter and Facebook.

Red Bull Sound Select: 3 Days in Toronto

We are excited to share the event by Red Bull Sound Select: 3 Days in Toronto. A gathering where they would celebrate the local talent from its city with many artists including: Majid Jordan, a l l i e, Chris Larocca, Badbadnotgood and more. Let's take a look at the event and if you are in Toronto, Canada; you should definitely check it out. We will share in the next article everything about the work in some sort of an interview behind with the designers and artists and about all their work for the Red Bull Sound Select 3 Days in Toronto.

Watercolor artworks that are too good to be true

It's just mind blowing to find artworks so beautiful that you might think it was done digitally. It tends to be very tricky to find amazingly done watercolor pieces, but for Russian artist Ashiya it's no problem at all. She paints artworks that are too good to be true. Here you can see some of her latest pieces. For more of it and for videos of her creative process, please check out her Instagram account! You should really follow her keep yourself updated. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

Illustration & Art Direction: Selected Editorial Work by Eiko Ojala

Let's take a look at the Illustration & Art Direction project by Eiko Ojala about a selected collection of his work from 2016-17. What's interesting is that you would think that is paper cut but it's a illustrative mixture with graphic design. The Beautiful craftsmanship that you should definitely be inspired. Check it out! Eiko Ojala is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Tallinn, Estonia. You should definitely check out his Behance for more of his stunning work.

Beautiful Google Doodle Illustration by Julian Ardila

Julian Ardila and illustrator from Mexico shared a beautiful illustration work he's done for a Google Doodle. The Doodle celebrates "Dr. Atl," born Gerardo Murillo in Guadalajara in 1875. In a time of revolution and renaissance, Murillo greatly influenced Mexico’s political and cultural identity. He was an activist, artist, writer, journalist, and overall cultural leader.Murillo pioneered the idea of artistic nationalism. The illustration is full of style, it has this watercolor look but with a lot of depth.

Art Tributes for the upcoming Blade Runner 2049 movie

Alright, gloves off. The sci-fi sequel movie who has been in the making for the last 30 years is coming to theaters (this week). Let's welcome Blade Runner 2049! Bringing us back in the futuristic universe of replicants, we also get the return of Rick Deckard played by Harrison Ford himself. I can't wait watch this movie, the first mastery definitely changed the genre. By the meantime, let's take a step back and enjoy these art tributes!

Dazzling Neon Artworks by Juliette Oberndorfer

Time for more great artworks here at Abduzeedo! Today we're featuring the beautiful, dazzling work of French artist Juliette Oberndorfer. Her style is just amazing, using darker tones and neon colors makes her pieces stand out really well! Who wouldn't love to have some of these hanging in their walls?

Illustration: Bic Biro Drawings on Antique Maps

We would like to feature the work of London-based artist named Mark Powell with his bic biro drawings. For this series, he decided to base his drawings on antique maps, it's quite crazy when you think of it. But a piece of history is getting reinvented with his sublime art, must be a nice way to pay tribute to the past. Using bic biro which is using an inexpensive disposable ballpoint pen as a tool, check it out.

Wicked Illustrations by Atey Ghailan

I love a good set of illustrations, even more when there's attention to details, and in Atey Ghailan's work I've found mesmerizing lighting. He really pays a lot of attention to every to the lightning in every scene, and it's just fantastic. From a sunny day at the beach to a rainy night, you'll get stunned by beautiful details in every artwork. For more of his work, please visit his portfolio at DeviantART or at Instagram. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

Beautiful Retro Look Illustration by The Brave Union

The Brave Union founded by Kevin & Kristen Howdeshell is a husband and wife team based in Kansas City that began collaborating 10 years ago in college. Since then, they have taken on the freelance world and have created animated sequences mostly to help others tell their amazing stories in film. For this post we would love to feature some of their beautiful illustration work.

Art Direction & Illustration: Logitech Craft by Pawel Nolbert

Last week we have featured the latest tech keyboard by Logitech called Craft. By its beautiful industrial design, we managed to get one for the blog that we will gladly review in the upcoming weeks. By the meantime, let's take a look at the illustration and art direction work by the mighty Pawel Nolbert who has been making the news recently with the launch. Stylish and right fitting to the colourful world of Pawel, let's dive into his universe.

Splendid Watercolor Artworks by Anna Bjørdal

There's an unique organic beauty in watercolor artworks that really strikes me. You can't really see brush strokes... all you can see is how the water and ink settled down in the end. It's beautiful. Anna Bjørdal, an artist from Norway, paints splendid watercolor pieces you should really see. These are only a handful of her work. For more of it, please visit her at Instagram! I hope you enjoy these. Cheers! ;)

Instagram Artist Love: Mari Andrew

I'm sure all of you have a handful of creative folk you've discovered on Instagram that you've then shared with your inner circle because you love them so much. Mari Andrew happens to be at the top of my personal list and if you don't know her already she's definitely worth inserting into your feed.

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