WEGA Concept 51K 3D Render

A little blast of nostalgia for this feature on abdz. We are taking a look of a 3D render of the 'WEGA Concept 51K' which was released in the years of 1978-1982. For those who are not sure what that is, it's basically a 'DJ Set from the 1980s'. Jason Zigrino, a digital artist from the USA; does an absolute impressive at recreating his own take of the 'WEGA'. First of all, taking a look at the series; what strikes me the most are the details and the lighting. It just creates such a unique tone. I particularly love the close-up shots where you get to see the details, labels, and texture of the plastic. Kudos Jason for this dose of pure nostalgia, I could easily remember my own early days playing with my audio setup and by pressing all the buttons.


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