Product Design Love: Bodega Los Cedros by Anagrama Studio

Bodega Los Cedros is a Mexican vineyard located in the mountains of Arteaga, Coahuila. The origins of the name derive from a passion and dream of a family to produce high quality wines within a region more than 100 years old named "El Cedrito." Enter the talented team at Anagrama Studio to bring the branding vision of this magical place to life by tapping into the geographical location of the vineyard for inspiration.

Muse + Mettā Kombucha Brand Identity by Kati Forner

It's no secret we're big fans of the work coming from Kati Forner Design having showcased some past work of hers here on Abduzeedo. Of late we're swooning over the most recent work for Kombucha brand Muse + Mettā founded by Trent Brokie .

Packaging & Branding: SCHEMA|食在有藝Arc&Art

There is a beauty to see designs translated in various languages and again it's even more inspiring to see it coming from different backgrounds from all over the World. Let's take a look at the work of 劉家芸 liujiayun who is a graphic designer & illustrator based in Taipei City, Taiwan. First of all, I am so attracted by the art direction with colours and concepts for SCHEMA|食在有藝Arc&Art. It's a stunning design and you should definitely check out her Behance.

Brand Identity and Packaging Design for INCA

Fieras Estudio and Jorge Luis Campozano shared a beautiful brand identity and packaging design project on their Behance profile. They explored some of the divinity figures from their country like Pachamama, Inti and Viracocha with colorful vector illustrations to stamp the packages in a very attractive way.

Carbs Are The New Black: Playful Pasta Packaging Design

Packaging design is something that I believe it is truly inspiring. It's so fun to see how designers use their creativity to come up with eye-catching packaging in the midst of so much visual noise. Take, for example, grocery store aisles. It is so easy to get overwhelmed with all the colors and fonts screaming at you. Oftentimes, we're on autopilot at the store and have our go-to products, not paying much attention to the array of creative packaging right under our noses.

Brace Your Dog Bowls

Back in October, while I scrambled to adjust to life with our new puppy, I got wind of a fresh new startup named Ollie — an online food subscription service for dogs.  And with a brand and packaging as nice as this one, I needed to test it out. 

Gorgeous Tea Packaging by Sabina Loacker

Imbibing tea is a relaxing activity so consuming the packaging should match that same feeling. We're steeping in the beauty of Austrian-based Sabina Loacker's concepting, art direction and graphic design work for a local tea brand and reminding us all that inspiration is always right in front of us. The simple typeface matches the super minimal design and we're just loving every bit of the resulting look and feel.

Minimal Brand Identity & Packaging: LESS Cosmetics

We are taking a look at a minimal brand identity & packaging design for LESS Cosmetics by Patrick Reichert-Young. He is a creative director from Köln, Germany, we are featuring his project because of most of its minimal approach. We know how beauty & cosmetics products tend to be heavy in imagery, especially on the branding. Here we have a combination of fonts, lines, and two colours. Simple as that but the beauty comes from the overall design and how everything just flows with simplicity.

Packaging & Branding: Adidas Superstar 50th Anniversary

We are proudly featuring the first student project of the year! It's a pretty cool project by Duy Dao who is a student at the Art Centre of Design in Los Angeles, California. We follow his work on creating the packaging and branding for Adidas Superstar 50th Anniversary: Forever Young campaign. A beautiful purplish colour palette for the design of the packaging that will totally envy our inner unboxing pleasures; alongside with dual tone poster designs marked by celebrities like Pharrell and basketball legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

Packaging Design: Chaos Fashion by Socio Design

With this time of year when we are taking down the stores and hunting for the best deals. We are exposed to a wide range of product packagings, what might catch your attention or by the looks, this product must have good reviews. One of fave this year is the tech accessories; they are so many out there. From practical to some purely for the style, we are featuring the work of Socio Design and their packaging design for Chaos Fashion. A combination of stylish tech with a flared visual approach.

Minimal Packaging & Graphic Design:

Hello December! Not a lot of days left on the calendar before the end of the year, let's go for that last stretch! Working on a brand, the user experience is everything. Not only it matters to the interactions of your site or app but it also matters on how your customers will react to your logo, product, and packaging. Let's take a look at this beautiful and minimal packaging by designers Nikhil Bapna, Ishaan Dass and Mani Singh for a smartwatch called: the Blink Watch where first impressions are everything.

Graphic Design & Typography Works by Sami Christianson

Let's take a look at the latest work from Sami Christianson who is a designer, art director and letterer based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Combining graphic design into packaging projects really to make it stand out from the crowd, especially when you think at the placement at the final product. Imagine the competition in a supermarket, my favourite from her work so far is the "Sum of the Parts" project.

Delicious Brand Identity and Packaging: Utopick Chocolate Bars

If you happen to have a sweet tooth you may have noticed that chocolate bars are having a moment in the world of packaging design poising themselves as the perfect creative canvas for creative folk to have some fun when it comes to brand identity. It's a known fact that packaging has a true impact on how we discern taste and we're already salivating over the work by multidisciplinary design studio Lavernia & Cienfuegos for Utopick Chocolates.

Illustration: Häagen-Dazs Packaging

A cool looking packaging "packed" with illustrations by Andrew Wagner for Häagen-Dazs. In collaboration with a UK-based creative agency called LOVE, they were in charge of the brand design overhaul meanwhile Andrew was in charge of the illustrated pattern to represent each and different flavours. The folks at LOVE invited artists from around the World to collaborate on this project and Andrew was one of the many lucky ones to work on this project, he has to create a pattern that would represent Vanilla Pecan, and Banana & Cream.

Packaging & Graphic Design: The Bijou Factory

Gotta love when a packaging project doesn't follow its classic codes of graphic design. The rad people working at Phoenix the Creative Studio know how to actually keep it unique for every single project. We have featured their work last month and now again with this packaging for The Bijou Factory. A colourful package that makes you wanna look it at every aspect before buying. Check it out!

Packaging & Graphic Design for Christopher Nolan's Time X Space

Packaging + Christopher Nolan, that's gonna be interesting right? Let's take a look at this cool packaging project by David Taehwan Lim on a DVD/Blu-ray Collection entitled: CN Time x Space where you'll get movies from his filmography: Interstellar, Inception and Momento.

Brand Identity and Product Packaging for Autistic Art

We are looking at a brand identity project by Laszlo Polgar and team for the Mosoly Otthon Foundation. Together, they went through the process to create a logo and packaging work on products that would have been on sale in profits on the non-profit organization. What I liked a lot about this project is the use of drawings made by the autistic people and branded through the identity and products. It creates quite a personal touch that is hard to go unnoticed.

Saikai Packaging: a Japanese-Inspired Fika Brand

We love packaging projects and it's even more interesting when they are made by students. Let's give a look at this project from the Mid Sweden University, a cultural exchange and food between Sweden and Japan through fika. What's Fika? It's a Swedish term for "to have coffee" that comes mostly with pastries, cookies or pie. For this case, they decided to mix Japanese senbei cookies and green tea to create a brand named: Saikai.

Branding: Cozy Cotton by Tom Jueris

Cozy Cotton is a branding and package design project shared by Tom Jueris on his Behance profile. The elegance of the design that Tom created is evident by the classic all caps serif with some details in italic. I also really like the script font/handwriting applications. It does give a touch of character and make the whole design feel upscale. Below you can see a bit more about the project.

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