Packaging & Logo Design for Vizou's reading glasses collection

I am starting to be attracted to showcasing work and projects that aren't related to 'user interface' and user experience. It's probably because I work into this field but having the opportunity to share whatever inspires us what makes me keep going with ABDZ. With this momentum, I would like to share the work of Studio Chapeaux and what they have done for Vizou's reading glasses collection in terms of graphic & packaging design. I personally love its subtle and touchy detail on the packaging that defines if your eyewear evolves in dioptric strength and how the graphical elements evolve accordingly as well.

The comprehensive graphical identity evolves according to the dioptric strength, form and tonality of the respective eyewear model. A reading glasses packaging that grows with the needs.

Graphic & Packaging Design

About Studio Chapeaux

They are a boutique of ideas and design bureau based in Hamburg, Germany. The majority of their work is focused on graphic, packaging design and branding. Make sure to follow their work!