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Drone lovers: Moment introducing anamorphic lens, filters, and new cases

Moment is easily one of my favourite brand out there. Reason #1 why? They are always innovating and that's incredible to accomplish. They create also well-throughout content not only to promote their products but by supporting back to its community through knowledge, competitive initiatives, rewards and more. They are back with their fifth campaign with Kickstarter to introduce their latest instalment Moment Air.

Anicorn x TTT #2.5 The Redundant Watch by Ji Lee

We are announcing a collaboration from makers from Anicorn and their last creation: the Redundant Watch which is now live on Kickstarter. We love the products they make as we have featured previous endeavours on ABDZ.

MVRDV’s Crystal Houses now hosting new tenant: welcoming Hermès

Having visited Amsterdam before, I did saw the construction of MVRDV's Crystal Houses. I didn't understand its architecture and uniqueness at first but learning about it now makes even more sense. So the Crystal Houses is a store located in Amsterdam, Netherlands designed by the amazing folks from MVRDV who has received International recognition since their opening in 2016. Its particular uniqueness?

36 Days of Type x Adobe Partnership Announcement

We are big fans of the 36 days of type on ABDZ, in fact we have featured the project and the submitting artists several times. Now they are back bigger with a collaboration with our friends from Adobe. To give designers and type lovers a chance to show off their type design skills, win a one-year Creative Cloud subscription and be featured on the 36 Days of Type Instagram account. The rules are simple.

Introducing the Moleskine Paper Tablet - Creative Cloud Connected

Our friends from Adobe has shared with us their latest collaboration with Moleskine. Introducing the Moleskine Paper Tablet - Creative Cloud Connected, it's their second collaboration and this new notebook will allow users, as its name suggests to link their work created on paper to Adobe Illustrator CC, where it can then be further developed, edited, colored, refined, organized and even shared in different file formats.

Freitag introducing their newest line of 100% recycled PET Bags

You just gotta love when companies go out of their ways to create sustainable products made of 100% recycled material. Some time ago, we have a featured the brand Freitag on ABDZ. Now they are back with their latest line of bags, Tarp on PET (aka ToP) blends their storied truck tarps with recycled plastic bottles. How cool is that? Made to last, they are introducing bags going from your lightweight backpack to a roll-top shoulder bag.

Escher X Nendo Exhibition: House of Movement

We have received this project collaboration which is an exhibition between Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher (1898-1972) and nendo held for four months at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia. I wish I was personally wished I was attending that exhibit, it's a beautiful collaborative work whereas I quote: "as a three-dimensional relief using a two-dimensional house pattern." Make sure to check out the video, it's superbly immersive.

Color of Place Series: Photographs turned into Color Palettes

Our friends from Adobe have shared the beautiful work from Julieanne Kost, she is the principal digital imaging evangelist at Adobe. She started a series entitled: "Color of Place", a series of images created from blurred strips of travel photographs. The “Color of Place” body of work reveals the color palette of 25 locations around the globe as Julieanne sees them. It's quite remarkable! We shared a few shots from the process behind the series, it's proven experiment that takes a lot of patience and creativity.

Adobe announces huge update to its Lightroom Ecosystem

It's been a longtime coming and it's nice to see an from Lightroom, they have introduced huge updates including the all-new Sensei-powered feature called Enhance Details. Combining the power of machine learning and computational photograph that takes a brand new approach to RAW photos. This feature is now available in Adobe Camera Raw, Lightroom Classic CC, and Lightroom CC for Mac and Windows.

Inside Look at Tony Hawk's Skate Jam Game UI Design & Process

Our pals from Adobe XD have shared a story with a recent collaboration between the legendary Tony Hawk and the team over Maple Media for his new game Skate Jam. Now tackling the mobile game's world, Tony Hawk’s Skate Jam is now out on iOS and Android.

InVision's Design Maturity Report that redefines the way we work

InVision is releasing one of their largest design studies to date! I am excited to share their Design Maturity report helping companies analyze where they lie in the spectrum and understand how they can create better business outcomes with a strong design practice across an organization. I have personally worked in the financial industry for a while and design is still not part of the strategic seat even if they grow their UX teams to the masses. Hope this will change sooner.

InVision announcing the first four grants issued by the Design Forward Fund

Our amazing friends from InVision are announcing the first four grants issued by their Design Forward Fund that started a little while ago. For their first big announcement, InVision is investing forward into the design community for inclusive design. With more than 5 million users and 65,000 companies rely on the InVision platform, It's critical that they needed to step it up and provide the right resources for the growing demand in terms of designing with inclusivity.

Mission Workshop: Winter Update + 2 New Bags

Our friends from Mission Workshop have been sending us some really cool updates including a Winter update including MW World's most advanced insulated coat - The Watchman, MW The Northmar Jacket, MW The Alpaca Wool Collection and two new bags. They are all listed below and please enjoy the latest from MW.

New Year, New Behance Profile and Project Page

If you haven’t taken notice already, one of our favorite portfolio tools just got more beautiful and more collaborative. Behance, our go-to platform for creative inspiration and discovery, has just updated its profile and project page to allow all of us more flexibility to customize our work for more impact.   Updates include:

Meet Velocity: a UI kit and complete design system by InVision

Our friends from InVision is introducing Velocity, a UI kit and complete design system. With more than 300 UI elements, 70+ components and 30 screens; a complete designed kit perfect for building Saas apps or/and for your next design system (Such a trendy term lately!).

Adobe Creative Residency 2019 - Calling all creatives!

Our friends from Adobe has announced they are now open for applications for 2019-2020 class of Adobe Creative Residency. Imagine having a year-long program that provides creatives with the resources, support and networking opportunities to jumpstart their creative ambitions and turn them into a profession. If this sounds right for you, you should definitely apply now.

Adobe Stock + Dimension CC x Rijksmuseum: The Beauty of Art in 3D

Ah the beautiful city of Amsterdam, I had the chance for a quick visit back in late March. Following this visit, I am having a smile thinking of today's announcement with Adobe Stock + Adobe Dimension CC and the Rijksmuseum. The National Museum dedicated to arts and history based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Adobe Dimension CC: Fossil Adds a New Dimension to its Tin Packaging

Our pals from Adobe has shared that the lifestyle and watch brand Fossil's design team revamped their approach with design tool Adobe Dimension CC. With Dimension CC, Fossil’s design team was able to ditch the paper mockups and quickly + easily create high-quality, photorealistic 3D visualizations of the tin designs – no 3D design experience required.

Introducing Form: a free wireframe kit from InVision

Our friends from InVision have launched two things recently! First of all, they are introducing a new design of their blog now called: Inside Design. They are also sharing a free wireframe kit, to celebrate their launch as well, how cool is that?! Introducing Form: a free wireframe kit from InVision, it's 190 templates ready-to-use for your next/current design project.

Urban Art: Thomas Eindhoven's new look by Studio Giftig

We are delighted to share a stunning redesign and transformation of the Thomas Eindhoven, a restaurant located in Eindhoven, Netherlands. The crew behind this urban art is the amazing folks from Studio Giftig. They tireless worked at making a massive painting has been applied over the entire room with spray cans.

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