Typography Design Inspiration: A Roundup by Lance, Martín Corbo and more

A new Pure Design Inspiration is up! One burst of inspiration roundup to kick it off. For this week, I decided to go again with 'typography'. We had such a tremendous response from last week's pure roundup that I decided to give it another whirl. Are we making a comeback with this medium? We have been seeing UI designs for the most during the past year, maybe we needed a change?

Beautiful Braun-like Style 3D Typography

There are some projects that are simply hard to describe how awesome they are. The Classic. Typefaces by Particle (Gao Yang) is one of those memorable 3D and typography posts. It is simply an alphabet but it's created by using classic examples of industrial design, quite a few from Braun. The result is quite awesome, from calculator to toothbrush you will find all sorts of familiar objects there. I love the simplicity and how clean it feels. Check out after the break.

Motion Design and Typography: Liquid Calligraphy

Ruslan Khasanov shared this amazing post that blend typography and motion design with the physics. The music is by Dmitry Evgrafov. The beauty of this project is in the organic transformations that the letters go through. Looking one by one it doesn't look that awesome but when you combine them to create words the result is very powerful. Take for example the word Art. It has so much depth and so much personality that it's hard to describe in words. 

Gelion is a Sans Serif Typeface with a Geometric Touch

Letter Omega shared an awesome post about their new typeface. Gelion is a Sans serif with a geometric touch with a minimal contrast of strokes, inspired by Futura, Avant Garde, Avenir and neo-grotesque Akzidenz-Grotesk, Helvetica form remaining true to the gracefully geometric look of the early 20th-century typefaces, that ticks off a long list of branding requirements. With seven weights, and a clean italic carefully crafted slanted 8 degrees.

Breathtaking Canvas Abstract Calligraphy

Let's give a closer look at the stunning work of Jimmy Alcala, he is a visual artist into modern calligraphy based in Marseille, France. Let's take a moment and admire his stylish abstract calligraphy on a canvas. It's quite unique in his genre and you just gotta appreciate the talent and also patience. You should definitely check out his Behance for more of his projects.

Typography & Lettering Series by Rafael Serra

A great Friday tradition to keep on ABDZ, how about an article about fonts? It will be inspiring to share the work of Rafael Serra, a graphic designer based in the beautiful city of Lisbon Portugal. He shared his 'lettering series' where he would use newsfeed as an inspiration to explore new ways, colours, and techniques to push onwards his work. My personal favorite ones are the high typographic pieces with a strong vibrant background color like 'Barcelona' and 'Ferrari'.

Typography: TT Smalls Geometric Sans Serif

TT Smalls is a geometric sans serif created for use in video clips and for video production by the TypeType foundry typography minds. The main feature of the font family is the big difference between the uppercase and lowercase characters, in which we intentionally diminish the x-height. At the same time, in order for signs to be readable and balanced, the font uses pronounced visual compensators and a large letter spacing.

TypoStories: a graphical study on typefaces and font pairings

Davide Baratta is a design lead based in London, UK and has shared an interesting case study on his Behance. It's an exploration/ case study on typefaces and font pairings titled: TypoStories. It's playful, colorful and a nice exploration from current type foundries (mostly his own favorites). I just love how his series is diversified in terms of creative concepts going all the way from the 90s to pure experimental.

Typography: Drops from the Head by Leonardoworx LWX

There we go again, yes, it's another awesome typography post on ways to create an unique interpretation of the 27 letters of the alphabet. This time Leonardoworx LWX shared a his version which he titled the Drops from the Head. The project is a research about letters made almost day by day, when he felt inspired, in occasion of the last 36 Days of type edition. Yes, some letters are missing, but my focus wasn't to make the complete alphabet, but to create what i had in mind at the moment :)

Modish 3D Typography by BÜRO UFHO - 36 Days of Type'19

I think we feature each year the work of BÜRO UFHO for 36 Days of Type. They are a duo of brand specialists located in the beautiful city of Singapore. Each year, they would inspire us with a beautiful set of type that we couldn't resist featuring on ABDZ. This year, they are going ahead with a lighter set of colours but definitely keeping within trendier tones that we have seen getting popularity.

Cadillac Mural & Typographic Illustration by Mark van Leeuwen

I've been following the work of Mark van Leeuwen for years, especially on his Instagram. His stylish works in lettering and type clearly made a difference in our day-to-day with typography. We are taking a look at this very cool mural for Cadillac (Europe) painted in Munich, Germany for what they called: Stroke Art Fair.

Pure Fun Typography on Billboards - Songs And The City series

Feeling the 90s nostalgia on this one! Kae aka Hello This Is Kae is an art director based in Berlin, Germany. Her series: Songs And The City is a purely fun typographic endeavor to turn 80s/90s hits into visuals. Simple as that, but these pieces are amusing and you truly do start whispering the songs yourself. Most of us are from that era and these songs are timeless!

Typography Experiments by Wete Studio

I love typography experiments. It bring me back a lot of memories of my early days. I remember spending hours checking out books on graphic design, and there was the now legendary Los Logos book, which featured tons of logos and type experiments. Wete Studio just shared a published an awesome post where they share a lot of beautiful typography experiments they did between 2017-2018, most of them are personal projects exploring cinema 4D and photoshop (except one project for the Yorokobu calendar and the letter O for SEAT).

36 Days of Type by Martin Naumann

We are all familiar with the “36 days of type” typography challenge we always feature some of the entries that really get our attention and despite the willingness to post all of them, it’s quite hard to keep track of the amazing work people share. However, Martin Naumann really pushed it hard with his version and produce a truly amazing set. The reason I say that, well, it has to do with the theme, or at least, the resemblance with the style of my favorite decade, the 80s.

Frontage Condensed Typeface Design

We used to run the Friday Free Fonts series of posts in the past but finding free fonts are not that easy. We understand the level of work necessary to design a font and good work is not always free. So today I want to feature the Frontage Condensed Typeface designed by Juri Zaech, a Swiss Art Director, currently living and working in Paris, France.

Free Font: Monument Extended by Mathieu Desjardins

A fellow Montrealer and Art Director Mathieu Desjardins has shared a pretty and ultrabold font on his Behance Profile. Entitled Monument Extended, it's a bold font with a clear intention of perfect your everyday tasks with type. Monument Extended font goes from Ultralight all the way to Ultrabold. I just love the fact that is bold enough for your designs whatever you are designing for a new logo or even explore new typefaces.

Mixing Typography & Architecture to create LET'S Makerspace

We are transporting ourselves to Rio de Janeiro to check out this space called: LET'S Makerspace, designed by Plau for the Mopi. You just gotta love this incredible mixture of typography and architecture. Props to everyone involed in this project, it's incredibly cool to bring this initiative forward and to actually listened to the students, in order to understand what made a classroom innovative. Their vision gave us a great starting point. Check it out!

Typography: Brasilêro Profiça Distinguished Brazilian Typefaces

Crystian Cruz shared an awesome typography or type project that started with the analysis of hundreds of hand-lettered signs from the urban landscape in several cities of Brazil, in order to convey the impact of this popular Brazilian visual culture in a single digital typeface. It was designed in 1999, but only released to the public in 2003, as a free font.

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