Gelion is a Sans Serif Typeface with a Geometric Touch

Letter Omega shared an awesome post about their new typeface. Gelion is a Sans serif with a geometric touch with a minimal contrast of strokes, inspired by Futura, Avant Garde, Avenir and neo-grotesque Akzidenz-Grotesk, Helvetica form remaining true to the gracefully geometric look of the early 20th-century typefaces, that ticks off a long list of branding requirements. With seven weights, and a clean italic carefully crafted slanted 8 degrees.

Colorful & Playful Type Series — 36 Days of Type

This is the time of the year where we see more designers, illustrators, artists posting their endeavors on the popular creative initiative of 36 Days of Type. It's really cool to see so much creativity and it's quite inspiring. We are featuring the work of Roger Roque, a 3D artist and art director based in Madrid, Spain. I immediately fell in love with his take on the 36 Days of Type, it reminds me of the beautiful colors of Nintendo games somehow.

36 days of type — Ukiyo-e style

Yurie Takashima updated her page everyday for the 36 Days of Type challenge. This Yurie’s first 36DOT project and she decided to go with the contemporary Ukiyo-e style. The result is a colorful and beautiful alphabet with a quite unique style, which reinforces my love for the 36 Days of Type challenge even more.

26 Days of Type, I mean Food

We have featured Noah Camp work here on ABDZ in the past but that doesn’t mean we would not feature it again, especially with this awesome 3D project title 26 Days of Food. As the name suggests, it’s about the ultimate typography challenge, 26 Days of Type and Noah’s theme of choice was food. The result is not only clever but also impeccably executed.

Lettering Style Collection by Jonathan Ortiz

Jonathan Ortiz shared another edition of his typography and lettering project called Lettering Style - Collection #3. In this project Jonathan shows you a small compilation of various personal illustrations and for different clients. - “Be creative, stay strong, see you in future projects” - Jonathan.

Typography Inspiration: Rale Grotesk Family

Ognjen Gligorijevic shared an awesome typography project on his Behace profile. Th project was the promotion of his new typeface family called Rale Grotesk Family. I love the overall presentation, black and white theme, bold contrast of font sizes and just beautiful compositions. A good source of inspiration for your Sunday.

Typographic artworks exploring visual language by Mark Gowing

Artist, designer and typographer Mark Gowing is fascinated by language systems, having developed his own visual approach through his art and graphic design practice. You could say he is obsessed with geometric typesettings that subvert the conventional written word, playing with our innate understanding of reading and comprehension. In a series of lithographic prints, he has employed a type system of deconstructed letterforms to create rhythmic frequency fields. 

Alignment to Air - Motion Design & Typography

As personal experimental projects, when starting with the alphabet "A" for the typography animation, J2Motion(Jin Jeon) just came up with the conflicting words in some way such as "Alignment" to "Air" which is the title of this project. With that in mind, the animation presents more precise and elaborate moments for the first word. On the other hand, this ends up with a rather flexible and loose vibe to manifest the last letter.

90's TOYpography

Noah Camp shared a 3D project that will bring memories for those who were kids in the 80s. It’s time to dig out your best pair of JNCOs, put your crystal Pepsi on ice, and join Noah on a trip down memory lane. 36 Days of Type is all about your favorite childhood toys from the 90s.  "90s Toypography" is going to make you nostalgic for a time when Blockbuster was alive, Sun-In was all the rage, and hacky sack was cool. Although I am still game for a hack circle anytime.

A Magical and Tasty Lettering Series

What would it look like if you could put a foodie spin on popular fairy tales? “Hungrily Ever After” is a collection of colorful hand-lettered book cover art that reimagines fairy tale messages if their characters were big foodies. Filled with puns, parodies, and playful illustrations, this series will appeal to your appetite and childhood storytime nostalgia.

Kandinsky Inspired Typography

Jong min shared an incredible typography and illustration project inspired by Vassily Kandinsky's style of painting. Jong reconstructed each letter based on the work of taro veron. The end result is a colorful and beautiful alphabet that definitely captures Kandinsky’s style. 

Simple Typographic Web Design for Fontshare

Alexander Laguta, Kate Laguta, and Viktor Ryndin shared an awesome web design and UX project for Fontshare, a free fonts service launched by the Indian Type Foundry (ITF). It’s a growing collection of professional grade fonts that are 100% free for personal and commercial use. The simple and bold typographic style with just black and white color theme is top notch, and definitely an inspiration for the next abdz.do redesign.

Hiero Experimental Display Typeface

Scott Newland shared a personal typography project titled Hiero. Hiero is a self-initiated experimental display typeface. The project aim was to create a collection of simplistic, block-like characters whose designs are limited to the use of four geometries: a circle, 3x7 rectangle, isosceles-acute and isosceles-right triangle. It comes in two styles, mass (block) and void (line). 

Accenture - Typography by Made Up Studio

Made Up Studio shared an incredible project titled Accenture Typography. As the title suggests, Accenture commissioned Made Up Studio to create a series of typographic works about various aspects of marketing. The result is nothing short of amazing. The level of explorations from sketch to the final design, the organic nature of the forms and colors. I honestly would have a poster or picture frame of each one of those on my walls.

Lettering Series XXXIII by Rafael Serra

Rafael Serra shared a collection of lettering work created for clients as well as personal projects. I really loved the overall style and the interpretation of some common and popular brands like McDonalds, Pepsi, Apple, Windows 95. They captured the nostalgic feeling with a modern and cleaner vector style. 

Ornate & Highly Decorative 3D Typography

Katt Phatt™ shared a beautiful 3D project on Behance featuring some ornate and highly decorative design. A typographic piece which accentuates curves within typography. With the addition of 3D to further enhance the effects. The tools used were: Autodesk 3ds MaxPixologic ZbrushCorona Renderer.

Motion Design and Typography in Processing

Andreion de Castro shared a motion design post where he plays with typography and movement. "POEMS: VOLUME II" is a collection of quotes and lyrics taken from a range of songs and movies inspired by Andreion’s taste in music and cinema. “My intent with the animations is to evoke emotions and feelings; Something we can perhaps resonate with.” 

Typography Collections

Robinson Cursor has been exploring with typography for a while. I am a fan of the collections he shares on his Behance and asked if I could share one of them here with you all. I selected the 2020 series because, well, 2020 was a totally atypical year. That affects all aspects of our lives, including our design outputs. 

Typographic inspired edition of On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin

A typographic inspired ‘variorum’ edition of ‘On the Origin of Species’ that highlights all the linguistic changes Charles Darwin introduced to the book since its first publication in 1859, by presenting them alongside the complete sixth and final edition of the book later published in 1872. The evolutionary format of this book allows you to compare all the alterations Darwin made over thirteen years due to his further understanding and testing on his own theories. 

Zero Posters Vol.2 - Arabic Typographic Posters

Zero Posters is an experimental project from Jordan-based Designers and Tariq Yosef and Alaa Tameem . Seeking to tackle stagnation in design, the pair created Zero Posters as an outlet for exploring new techniques and styles, with a focus on explorative typography and grid systems  through Arabic typographic posters.

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