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TRIANGLED: Immersive Light Installation - Set Design

MELT is an immersive experience design studio based in Warsaw, Poland. They have shared a neon / "blade runner-esque" project on their Behance, which is an immersive light experience titled: TRIANGLED. A combination with audio, you are taken on this journey through a tunnel of light. Shall we call it a Neon Dance? Hah! Either way, it's a beautiful piece of set design definitely easy to create hype through social media channels.

Art Direction & Set Design for Korean Air Campaign: Go Korean

Let's mix things up a little with this feature as we are taking a look at the Art Direction and Set Design for Korean Air campaign: Go Korean. The agency behind this client is Ogilvy Shanghai but we are admiring instead the work of the production team which was L'Éloi Productions. A talent agency and production house located in my hometown in Montreal, QC, Canada for which I had the opportunity to visit. For their work on this campaign, as you can judge by the behind-the-scenes.

Motion & Set Design: 2047 Apologue - Weaving Maсhine

2047 Apologue is a show by the Chinese director and visionary–Zhang Yimou. Presented on last June at the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) in Beijing. We follow the work from Radugadesign about their involvement in motion and set design. I love how the concepts comes to live following the incredible vision and direction from Zhang Yimou. Check out the video as well, it's well worth it.

Paper Craft Rebranding for FANTA Flavorland Campaign

You can't help but enjoy when artists/designers go out of their ways to create and work with their hands. There is this satisfaction and appreciation for their work when patience goes into play in paper craft. The results are just phenomenal. This is a design by the mighty folks from Adrian & Gidi for the FANTA Flavorland rebranding campaign where you can witness all shades of the orange colours into a beautiful display.

Set Design & Art Direction: Adobe at OFFF 2017

Noelia Lozano is a Madrid-based graphic designer and art director that specializes her work into paper craft, CGI and 3D. For her latest project, she had to put those skills in action to create a set design for Adobe at the prestigious 2017 OFFF edition. In collaboration (Art Direction) with DR Digital Agency, it must have been quite an honour to be able to create something that would have been seen by more than 4000 attendees. You should definitely check out the full project as well on her Behance.

Set Design: Phenomenal Basketball Court Design in Paris

I really love seeing this kind of artsy set design collaboration between us artists to bring art and people together. It's just beautiful! We are taking a look at this basketball court not like the others where colours and gradients come together in vibrancy and happiness. Behind this collaboration, we have Pigalle x Illstudio and Nike. They have been doing this initiative since 2009 and Illstudio jumped into the plot back in 2014. Let's sit back and enjoy this vanishing art piece.

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