Unsplash collabs with United Nations to help spread Covid-19 response

Unsplash have shared and released their collaboration with United Nations to help spread the Covid-19 response through the platform. First of all, I think we are all currently living through a historical moment with what is happening with our lives. And many factors have made us more aware of the digital world from its ups and downs. I think collaborating with Unsplash brings a tremendous power knowing that they are the disruptors of the 'open world' and especially when you need a fast response. This is one of the many ways to go. To give some context, United Nations kickstarted an initiative to bring creators all over the Globe to generously submit their work communicating their messages in this fight with the spread of Covid-19. Unsplash came with one goal to support: get the UN's visuals seen by 1 billion people in the next 30 days.

With the coronavirus spreading to all corners of the world, we need a rapid response that reaches all corners of the world. Because of their open license and worldwide scale, Unsplash has the ability to spread imagery not just across one platform but across the entire internet." - Dawda Jobarteh Global Head of the SDG Strategy Hub, United Nations

By @matherystudiomathery.it. (Instagram)

Cover your mouth when you cough

By @matherystudiomathery.it. (Instagram)

Social distancing

By Samuel Rodriguez

woman in blue tank top

By Charlie Bulmer

Social distancing

By Futerra Sustainability

Spread Kindness

By Lélie Lesage

woman in white dress sitting on white bed

By Lívia Koreeda

Stop The Spread

By Rok Mar

Wash your hands

By Ayşegül Altınel

Hand in there, better days are coming

By Leo Vilas

orange and white numbers illustration

About United Nations COVID-19 Response

To educate, uplift, and inspire people all across the world through the global COVID pandemic crisis, this library of artwork was donated by creators in response to the UN’s Open Brief thanks to the generosity of the creative community.

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