valleeduhamel x Katy Perry Collaboration for Daisies

Excited to share some news from my hometown Montreal, Quebec alonside featuring the creative duo valleduhamel for their collaboration work for Katy Perry's Daisies. valleeduhamel consist of two supercharging creatives named Julien Vallée and Ève Duhamel (Salut la gang!) and their imaginative, innovative spirits has served them to work with some the biggest brands out there including Apple, Google, Korean Air, Hermès just to name a few. For Katy Perry's Daisies, it's an expressive journey into the surreal, make sure to check out the video. I would love to highlight that the video was created with the help with more than 40 artists from all around the globe, all working remotely from home. These fine folks has proven that even during hard times, creativity never disappears. We live through it.

valleeduhamel x Katy Perry Collaboration for Daisies




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For Katy Perry’s new single ‘Daisies’, we imagined a world that illustrate the perseverance of a girl who overcomes the obstacles getting in her way. This is represented by a rock that keeps invading her house, transforming it into different surreal spaces. It finally culminates with the character rising above it all and coming out stronger on the other side.


  • Directed by Vallee Duhamel
  • Produced by Partizan
  • L.A. ANIM. STUDIO Moving Colours
  • SPACE DESIGN Six N. Five
  • Music Daisies by Katy Perry

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