Branding & Visual Identity for Lifestart Virgin Money

The amazing people over at Erretres, a branding and digital consultancy founded in 2003 by Pablo Rubio Ordás, shared a beautiful branding and visual design project on their Behance profile. The project is for Virgin Money, an international finance brand operating in Australia, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. Virgin Money wanted to offer a new service for their youngest target audience and potential young clients based in a disruptive finance learning model. Lifestart gathers together in the same digital platform students, universities, companies, and startups creating a new open community. Through an active learning model based on real challenges, students could access finance training, educative material and business challenging experiences.

The project for Lifestart Virgin Money is a collaboration between Hanzo Studio (service and digital product design) and Erretres (strategy and branding). Hanzo team developed the service and digital product design while Erretres team was focused on the branding and its transfer to the digital context, creating a flexible, fresh and contemporary identity.

The strategy team developed a creative concept that would lead the design team to develop the visual identity for Lifestart. We explored diverse strategic lines, finally working with a concept that approaches the education from a cool and fresh point of view for a young and contemporary target audience: “Learning from scratch”.

The design team developed a visual identity which brings value from the importance of handwriting within the education context. Being that Lifestart is a community mainly connected in the digital content, the brand should give answers to the necessity of adaptability, creating a symbol as a responsive canvas; we built a design system which would react to the context, related to the importance of active learning. Also, we represented the challenge concept with diverse graphic elements such as the ladder, being Lifestart the axis between finance and life.

The visual identity brings value from the importance of handwriting within the education context.


  • Strategy & Branding: Erretres
  • Service & Digital Product Design: Hanzo Studio

Branding & Visual Identity

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