Calmaria - the Road to iOS Week 2

Another weekend trying to learn SwiftUI. Not the entire weekend to be honest. It was in between playing with my little son, enjoying my family, playing video-games (therefore, bickering with my disapproving wife) and doing nothing. I would say it was probably 4 hours during 2 days. Oh, I cannot forget the 30 minutes before going to sleep Saturday that I was tossing and turning thinking how I could animate things in SwiftUI in sequence.

It's funny how our brains work, well at least mine which is probably very slow and I'd say outdated. The reality is that I spent most of my time Saturday trying to animate the little circle. It's a simple animation: scale up, stay the same size, scale down. Nothing fancy for most, extremely complicated for me learning a new programming language. It felt like when I went to the dentist for the first time when I moved to America barely speaking english. I ended up taking gas and all sorts of anesthesias. That animation, however, seemed so simple, yet so complicated. After reading tons of articles, following tutorials and watching videos I raised the white flag. Called it a day. Cowardly gave up and went to bed. My brain, much braver than me, couldn't stop. Like Mickey telling Rocky, get up you son of b!%$, one more round. I couldn't sleep. I could not stop thinking. Then I slept, I literally blacked out.

Sunday morning, I saw my computer. Try to pretend it wasn’t there, perhaps ashamed after being severely defeated. Got my coffee, kept my routine of doing nothing in the morning. Everyone was asleep. Wandered around, got closer to it and sat down. This cannot be so hard I thought to myself. It cannot be. I must have made a mistake. 

Instead of trying to fix my previous code I started a new one. Simpler. Sometimes it’s easier to start over than trying to fix what is broken. That sounds like a lazy person, my dad would say. But for my brain, that works. I start writing the code. Animated the first transformation. It worked. Well that one was working before. I kept going, wrote the code for the second animation. It felt like deja vu. I did that yesterday. This time, it miraculously worked. How? Why? Not sure how to explain it. One thing I know for sure. I need to start going to bed earlier. 

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