UI/UX Design — Out Loud App

Valery Kasilin is a UI/UX designer based in Moscow, Russian Federation. He shared via his Behance profile, an app design that is a very fitting application for the times we are currently living in. The holidays are coming soon and not everyone has the luxury to spend time with their relatives. Some of the reasons are components of the current life situation or others are purely taken by safety and precautions. These situations can definitely add uncertainties to your mental health that is already complicated nor hard to deal with during the past months. Valery's concept is an app called: 'Out Loud', it's a mobile application for those who are going through difficult times and can't share with anyone. Even though, it's a personal experiment. I love the fact that Valery tackle a problem is becoming a reality and has been affecting every single of us, I applaud this concept.


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