Fonts Ninja, a tool that will supercharge your workflow

Fonts Ninja is a tool/chrome extension that I have been using for a long time now. It's super handy when you are in the middle of a design process to gather font inspiration for your next web design project. Or when you stumbled across a site that you found quite fascinating and you ask yourself: 'What's the font they used?'. I think we all somehow ask ourselves this question at least once. Well, Fonts Ninja was always there handy for that need. When I was doing this article, I didn't knew they also have a Desktop Application. Now, this is getting intriguing. Imagine having a tool that will give you access to more than 3000 fonts and you can try them on some of the most common design tools out there? Woah.

Identify any font from any website and try them in your design software.

Fonts Ninja - Chrome Extension

Turn on the extension on any website to discover which fonts and style were used.

Fonts Ninja - Desktop Application

Access more than 3000 popular fonts and instantly try them in any design software. Give it a free trial and see it for yourself.

Make sure to check it out at, you can also download their chrome extension and their desktop application. Links will be below.

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