Material World: Unused R&D Explorations

Rutger Paulusse has been teasing with his new colorful & vibrant series titled: Material World. I just love the fact that Rutger mentioned that these are from unused R&D experiments that happen all the time. Usually, we do forget about it but I just dig how Rutger embraces them and goes beyond deeper. Speaking of colors, I mean take a look at these gradients! It's lovely and it is embracing the exploration meanwhile you are trying to achieve a result needed for the project. I think we have all have lived(at least once) this situation where you start doing something from your mind meanwhile everything just keeps following with you.

I love exploring these unused visuals more in depth and that is how this series came about. In these explorations I challenged myself to dig deeper into the translucent characteristics of materials and play around with gradients & light to get the most out fo these textures.

About Rutger Paulusse

Rutger is an visual artist based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He plays and experiment with shapes, soft colours & textures, and space combining into a very unique universe.

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