Sci-fi & Cyberpunk inspired Branding for Paradigmal

Sabbath Studio is a branding studio based Monterrey, Mexico. They shared a branding project wholly inspired by Dystopian Futures, Cyberpunk, Sci-fi / Neo-noir Cult Films & Anime themed aesthetics by client request. Let's just mention that again: 'by client request'. This is so cool and the result is just perfect and true representation of that cult era that we dearly love. Even though it's branding, I just enjoy the small details like the 'glitchy style' logo, the grid, colors, and let's not forget about the sublime photography work by Wero Almaguer. This pure and hope you will like it too.


The concept is centered on the perception of reality & the endless possibilities as creators of stories: pleasure, pain, joy, frustration, romance, optimism. The Grid is a representation of the possible & the tangible, the hidden miracles beyond the lens. A passport to the unknown, what's not yet made but it will be.


  • Brand Development: Sabbath Studio
  • Print: La Tipográfica
  • Photography: Wero Almaguer

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