Branding & Art Direction for Fabricate Studios

Studio NinetyOne is a creative studio based in London, United Kingdom. They have shared the branding and overall art direction they have worked on for 'Fabricate Studios', which is (as I quote) "a lighting company with a singular purpose: to inspire and empower designers of light." The branding is minimal in terms of the visual direction but what takes it to another level. Art Direction. I just love how Studio NinetyOne was able to level up their client's branding by setting such a mood with these fancy neons and lighting. Quite astonishing! Another point is the printing finish which can push forward the branding even more, for this case look at that 'dotted print'. Simple but well-executed, kudos all!

Our art direction for the product images led to the creation of vibrant 3D renders showing the given product interacting in abstract architectural spaces. A solution that we felt both clearly illustrates the product and also inspires creativity without pre-defining usage.

Image may contain: screenshot, red and abstract

Image may contain: screenshot and indoor


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